Hexagram 61: "CONFER"

THE 61ST YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 60th to 61st Birthday.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: 'CONFER' holds a unique and honored place in the spiritual vocabulary of the Chinese people.. for it forms half of the name of it's most beloved Teacher of Philosophy. 'Confer-It's.He' or Kung-Fu.tse.. Romanized into the popular spelling of "Confucius".. was he who 'conferred' upon China the Analects or Teaching Parables which were quoted in China for twenty-five centuries as the very pinnacle of both Wisdom and Beauty. The 'religion' of Confucianism may or may not survive the end of the Empire which Confer-It's.He venerated and helped to stabilize with his many Wisdoms; but the EFFECT of his Teachings will surely never die. In every Chinese heart there still remains a longing and deep LOVE for Wise Sayings, succinctly expressed. That is what the Sage 'Confucius' conferred upon them.

The Hexagram CONFER is ALSO the root-source of 'Kung Fu' and all other arts and sciences based upon 'seeing into' an 'opponent' or fellow-being, and acting according to their intent.. just as the great philosopher did for the masses in his countless Sayings.

The 'art' or science of CONFER-ing is one of RELATING FROM ONE'S CORE with the core of others. Those who have it, have the ability to tame wild beasts to the hand, treat easily even with dangerous people, and affect nature in ways that un-trained people would consider 'miraculous.' The power of this magic lies within us all.. but it is only a Sage who is drawn to learning it. There are countless applications of this power, many of which are available through the living adepts and Masters of traditional Asian Hsien Tao.