CHESED: The Sphere Of Blessing


Identified by Kaballah as "the Sephirah Chesed," this Sphere of energy encompasses the Right Shoulder, Breast, Upper Right portion of the Back, Arm and Hand; any or all of which can become 'sore' or traumatized from a CRISIS OVER HOW TO "BLESS" OR 'PROSPER' oneself or others.

"Blessing" is both a matter of 'wealth' and a matter of 'spiritual opinions;' normally one will find BOTH of those issues involved in Chesed-related crises. A good way to begin dealing with Chesed-crises is to evaluate both THE FINANCIAL STABILITY of the individual, AND THEIR SPIRITUAL LIFE as well. Normally this will reveal a major change underway in BOTH of those areas of self-interest.

Some Chesed-related crises are more about HOW TO BLESS OTHERS than how to help oneself. Strongly humanitarian personality types (such as teachers, healers and therapists) are quite prone to this.. as are parents, lovers and friends of someone who is undergoing a life-changing crisis or trauma AND WHO DESPERATELY WANT TO HELP their loved-one get through the problem.

Begin analysis of the situation by finding-out whether the crisis is due to the INDIVIDUAL'S OWN LIFE or THAT OF SOMEONE THEY LOVE. Then a plan of effective help can be designed, to remove the crisis and it's effects on the individual.



Like all Branches of The Tree Of Life, Chesed connects us with FOUR LEVELS of the Spiritual Hierarchy or "chain of command." Anytime your search for Holistic Synthesis or Wholeness points to this Sephirah, there is a strong probability that YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THIS CHAIN OF COMMAND IN SOME WAY before your crisis or problem will resolve itself completely. The Four Levels of this Branch Of Life are:


The Physical Level of Hierarchy in all Sephiroth is the same; ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES and/or THE "I CHING" LIFE-CALENDAR. For any event involving this Sephirah that began suddenly and has not diminished since then, the Life-Calendar is probably the source of the influence; you should be able to see the pattern clearly (including when to expect it to end) by reading the Year-Hexagram from that Calendar. Any PROCESS that seems to be EVOLVING into ever-changing forms over a long period of time is probably due to ASTROLOGICAL CHANGES affecting one's place in the world around you, as reflected by Planetary Changes. Note that you will need both a Natal (Birth) Horoscope AND a Transit Chart for the current year, in order to understand these Planetary Cycles. The Planet JUPITER directly governs this Sephirah in Astrology.


The Science of Blessing is called PRAYER.. and almost everyone knows about it. Most people practice it occasionally (when their lives get absolutely unbearably painful) though very few people practice it 'non-religiously' (which is the MOST effective way!) Prayer may seem to you automatically a "religious practice," but in fact it is NOT; non-religious people pray, too! To some people, Prayer is a fixed little recital of traditional words accompanied by use of certain traditional 'props' such as a Cross, Rosary Beads, Prayer Rugs or special things worn on the head, etc.; but THAT is not Prayer.. it is Religious Practice! Prayer means ASKING YOUR CREATOR, IN VERY PERSONAL WORDS, TO PLEASE HELP YOU GET THROUGH A CERTAIN PROBLEM. Prayer does not require ANY props or ritual words.. though you are free to use those if it makes you feel better (for instance, the word "Amen" at the close of a Prayer is almost universal in the western world.)

Prayer is a PERSONAL MATTER; and everyone "really" Prays in unique ways (though they may use Religious Practices MOST OF THE TIME;) for anything really important-enough to get you to literally PLEAD with the Great Spirit will also normally also get you BEYOND religious rituals too. Honest Pleading With God in your own sincere way is all it takes to trigger the results of Prayer; which are DIVINE ASSISTANCE in one's time of need. That THINGS DO HAPPEN FOR THE BETTER after we have Prayed is well-known to anyone who has ever been really IN NEED of Divine Help.. and anyone who does not know whether or not there is a God has simply never faced real NEED.. YET!

You may call upon your Maker in any of a million names or Titles.. whatever you NEED to say, SAY! You may beg for one specific outcome and NOT get it!.. but the simple fact of having asked for help is ALWAYS followed by your RECEIVING the help you REALLY need (for the Spirit knows far better than we do, what we really need.) That God may sometimes require something 'in return' from you, for his help, should be kept in mind; but there is no need to make silly promises in return for the help you need. Do not make your Prayers depend on you giving up sex or anything ELSE you enjoy (for your Maker MADE YOU with the desires and pleasures you are prone to;) just keep in mind that you MAY have to give-up being "distant" from your Maker!.. for THAT is the real teaching of Prayer. We only have to "beg" for help when we have been a long-time DISTANT from our Helper! Keep it in mind.


Most western societies know of the great "Spiritual Intermediaries" who caretake our relationship with the Great Spirit, and refer to them as "Archangels." Asian societies normally call them "Bodhisattvas" and will need to turn to their own cultural traditions for guidance in contacting the right Bodhisattva for their Chesed-related problems.. though ANYONE can call upon ANY Spiritual Authority and get useful results. The Archangel of Chesed is named "Tzadkiel," and he connects us with our Creator in the form called "El" which is Hebrew for 'The Most High' or THE HEAVENLY FATHER.

The Angelic Order (or lineage of Devic Spirit-Workers, if you prefer) who serve this Sephirah are called the "CHASMALIM" or 'the Laughing Angels;' for their special skill is helping us restore our sense of JOY and HAPPINESS. Anytime you are brought here by a problem, it is a problem of JOY LACKING. Call upon the Archangel and God-Aspect of Chesed to set these jolly Spirit-Workers in motion to help RESTORE YOUR HAPPINESS, and get you, too, LAUGHING!

To contact the Archangel of Blessing in the most direct way possible, jot-down the names just mentioned and then click-on KABALLAH-CIRCLE RITES where a reliable, long-used Ritual Meditation is listed.. and simply perform it as shown, inserting the proper names where prompted. This will trigger as much immediate Spiritual HELP for your problem or crisis as possible right now.

Repeated contact with this Archangel (asking each time for yet MORE clarity of insight and more help with solving the specific details of your crisis or condition) over a period of days or weeks may prove extremely useful. Emphasis on BOTH Financial Wellbeing AND Spiritual ways of sharing Blessing with others should be remembered; for both sides of that equation are part of Chesed's Bounty.


The "Aspect" or FORM of The Great Spirit which Chesed connects us to is El, the Lord Of Plenty.. who caretakes the Treasury of Life. To contact him is to call-forth YOUR OWN RIGHT WAY OF EARNING A LIVING in the world. Whatever it is that brought you here, recognize that (in FACT) it is part of your Right Service to your Maker, trying to get underway. We are each born with a "Right Livelihood" built into us. If you do not yet know your Right Livelihood, FIND OUT about it!.. and you should not have the kind of problems that brought you here, again. Click-on PLANETARY ASTROLOGY with your Natal Horoscope in front of you (you can get one thousands of places on the Web, if you don't have your Birth Chart yet;) and pay special attention to your ASCENDANT, SATURN, JUPITER and CHIRON placements.. for all of those combined are part of your in-born Career-potential. Afterwards, click-on THE CHINESE ANIMAL ZODIAC and NUMEROLOGY to learn more about your career drives and special service to the world-Spirit.

You will have to combine the details about yourself from all of these sciences, to find everything Metaphysics can tell you about your Right Livelihood AND Right Service To Spirit.. and that means you will have to think about it all for a while! But, once done, this effort will pay-off with a life-long Blessing direct from the one who made you for one specific type of Service. What could be better than that?!

Called Xeperu (or Khepheru, the Scarab-beetle God) in the ancient Egyptian "paut Neteru" or Great Company of the Gods.. and considered the god of "Creation" who actually brought-about Life by rolling his own eggs in the dung-ball just as Spirit rolls US around in the world.. the God-Aspect of Chesed has always been associated with Self-CREATION, or the power of Becoming Yourself. You may think of Xeperu/El as your personal "Universe" which you must 'get rolling' through your own efforts.. though the God-Aspect of Chesed will HAPPILY provide you all of the materials you will need for the job.