NETZACH: The Sphere Of Victory


Identified by Kaballah as "the Sephirah Netzach," this Sphere of Aura-energy encompasses the Right Leg, Foot, Knee, Ankle, Hip and Thigh; any or all of which can become 'sore' or traumatized by a crisis-level need for VICTORY OVER ONESELF. From DEPENDENCY patterns to EGO-based self-definitions which limit your self development, and on up to life situations that require an almost "Epic" or heroic level of effort, we are all sometimes challenged to RISE ABOVE OURSELVES.. and all such situations center themselves here at the Sephirah of Victory.

Symbolized by the ancient Greeks as the goddess ATHENA, patroness of both Victory In Battle AND the arts of Civilization, Netzach does indeed require us to BATTLE our own lack of civilization (or Spirituality) in order to attain the Victory that we need. Whatever issue brought you here to Netzach will require you to both BATTLE YOURSELF and ATTAIN A NEW CIVILIZATION based upon spiritual rather than egoic or physical pleasure motivations. Needless to say, that means LETTING-GO OF PAST PLEASURES in the interest of a better life to come.. and few of us find THAT prospect pleasing!

It IS however necessary! Whether it was a once-comfortable relationship that must now be released to go it's own way, free of your claims upon it; or a lifestyle inherited from your parents or friends (but is no longer sustainable for YOU,) Netzach-crisis PROVES (and ENFORCES upon you) the fact that YOU CAN NO LONGER WALK THAT PATH. Maybe you can barely walk at all! But if you will recognize that your Path itself has changed (by "divine decree" or the Will of Heaven) and RISE TO THE OCCASION, you may enter a new Lifestyle that will make the past seem dim and unworthy indeed (however much you PRESENTLY still cling to it as 'ideal.')

Like all Branches of The Tree Of Life, Netzach connects us with FOUR LEVELS of the Spiritual Hierarchy or "chain of command." Anytime your search for Holistic Synthesis or Wholeness points to this Sephirah, there is a strong probability that YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THIS CHAIN OF COMMAND IN SOME WAY before your crisis or problem will resolve itself completely. The Four Levels of this Branch Of Life are:


The Physical Level of Hierarchy in all Sephiroth is the same; ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES and/or THE "I CHING" LIFE-CALENDAR. For any event involving this Sephirah that began suddenly and has not diminished since then, the Life-Calendar is probably the source of the influence; you should be able to see the pattern clearly (including when to expect it to end) by reading the Year-Hexagram from that Calendar. Any PROCESS that seems to be EVOLVING into ever-changing forms over a long period of time is probably due to ASTROLOGICAL CHANGES affecting one's place in the world around you, as reflected by Planetary Changes. Note that you will need both a Natal (Birth) Horoscope AND a Transit Chart for the current year, in order to understand these Planetary Cycles. The Planet VENUS directly governs this Sephirah in Astrology.


The Science of Netzach is SEMANTICS; the careful study and CONTROL of one's WORDS. Not realizing that To Speak is in fact To Create Yourself As That, most of us have been extremely careless with our words.. and never given thought to the fact that we HAVE said things like "I HATE myself for this" or "I NEED someone else to make my life happy." Other common words Of Command we speak to our detriment include "there's nothing I can do to change the world" and "nobody cares about me, so I HAVE TO." Every such Logoic Decree MAKES THAT THE WAY YOUR LIFE WILL OCCUR.. until such time as you REPLACE those words with BETTER ones.

The Latin term for 'changing one's speech' is REHABILITATION; and THAT is what Netzach is all about. Whatever brought you here is some WORDS you have defined yourself by, which are detrimental to your future happiness. You must FIND those 'bad spells' you have spoken upon yourself, and Rehabilitate your life by speaking NEW WORDS that will create the life you need for tomorrow.

Called 'Affirmation' or 'Positive Thinking,' the deliberate re-wording of one's self-definitions is a powerful tool for self change. That it ALSO triggers actual changes in our OUTER WORLD as well may not be easy to explain to yourself (unless you know about the Creative Power words carry,) but experience has taught Metaphysicians that this is SO. By Rehabilitating ourselves with new Words of Self-Creation, we ALSO change the world that we inhabit. Certainly you may face many obstacles here at the Sphere Of Victory; but it is all yours to CHANGE, by a WORD!


Most western societies know of the great "Spiritual Intermediaries" who caretake our relationship with the Great Spirit, and refer to them as "Archangels." Asian societies normally call them "Boddhisattvas" and will need to turn to their own cultural traditions for guidance in contacting the right Bodhisattva for their Netzach-related problems.. though ANYONE can call upon ANY Spiritual Authority and get useful results. The Archangel of Netzach is named "Auriel," and he connects us with our Creator in the form called "YHWH (Yahweh) Saboath" which is Hebrew for 'The Commander Of Creation WITHIN US EACH' or your own Inner Power of SELF-CREATION.

The Angelic Order (or lineage of Devic Spirit-Workers, if you prefer) who serve this Sephirah are called the "ELOHIM" or Divine Voices.. translated by early Christians as 'The Word' (Logoi, in Greek).. who spoke the words of command which created the universe. Called 'the God-Makers' in Kaballah, the Elohim not only Create according to our WORDS about ourselves, they also create our ideas about 'God' based upon our own self-definitions. Thus, if one calls oneself "a purely materialistic person," your "God" will be THE DOLLAR, and you will be subject only to financially-determined gains and losses. If you define yourself as "an agnostic" (one who does not KNOW or maybe even care whether there is a Spirit at all,) then your gains and losses will occur COMPLETELY WITHOUT YOUR UNDERSTANDING OR CONTROL. What you CALL YOURSELF is how the Elohim treat you.

To contact the Archangel of Victory in the most direct way possible, jot-down the names just mentioned and then click-on KABALLAH-CIRCLE RITES where a reliable, long-used Ritual Meditation is listed.. and simply perform it as shown, inserting the proper names where prompted. This will trigger as much immediate Spiritual HELP for your problem or crisis as possible right now.

Repeated contact with this Archangel (asking each time for yet MORE clarity about the Limitation you must Battle, and more help with solving the specific details of your crisis or condition) over a period of days or weeks may prove extremely useful.. and some form of "Contract With God" (a prayer or promise in which you agree to end the Past if heaven will help you bring about a better Future) may be necessary, in order to finally end your Netzach-related problem.


The "Aspect" or FORM of the Creator we contact at Netzach (YHWH or "Yahweh" Saboath, the INNER Commander Of Creation) is in fact your own personal 'spark' of Divinity, which you CAN (if you will) turn into a full-grown "God-Self" comparable with any of the great Masters and Demi-Gods of antiquity and Legend. But, just to prove to us that we are NOT alone in the universe, that "spark" is also a direct LINK with the Whole Flame which is our Creator; by contacting the INNER Creator we were born with in our Souls, we also meet it's Source.

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? WHAT AM I REALLY HERE TO DO AND BE? These are the questions we ALL ask when we reach Netzach, and to this Kaballah (alone, as for as this writer knows) answers that YOU WERE CREATED TO BE A PERMANENT "PARTNER" FOR YOUR MAKER. When you finally get tired of defining yourself as a 'mere mortal, just trying to survive,' and begin cultivating your Inner Spark of Divinity, the Elohim or God-Makers will begin to reveal to you exactly what kind of "Partner" the Creator created you to BECOME. You are (as your Ego has told you so often!,) a completely UNIQUE Creation; but not until you attain a working Partnership with your Creator will that be worth having, at all. All of the loneliness, pain, frustrated love and ambition you have suffered-from in life CAN be turned into a literally ETERNAL Love-affair and Life Partnership with the being whose Words have power over EVERYTHING in our universe. With a Partner like THAT, the sky even is no limit for anything that you two agree-upon TOGETHER.

At some point in one's development, this Divine Partner (many ancient traditions call him "the Divine TWIN of every Soul") will 'claim' you as his own. Ancient lore calls this "Hieros Gamos" the Sacred Wedding; and in it, he ties you to him forever using some form of 'wedding ring' or 'cord of matrimony' (often in a dream.) This symbolizes the Partnership which Mystics experience as both a telepathic 'conversation link' and the beginning of that great Adventure called "Walking With God:" the literal Union between the finite Soul and it's Infinite Source.

Any or all of that that you now wish-for is possible, once you GRASP THE MEANING of the little life-crisis which brought you to Netzach, to rise Victorious above your mortal words and solitary self-interest.

Called HORUS (the Falcon-headed God) in the ancient Egyptian "paut Neteru" or Great Company of the Gods.. and considered the god of "Salvation" who destroyed the 'devil' which slew his father, Osirus.. the God-Aspect of Netzach has always been associated with the Triumph of the Spirit over it's enemies Inside and Outside the Self. Horus is recognized as the prototype of the 'savior-god' in all more recent traditions, including Christianity. You may think of Horus/Yahweh Saboath as Spiritual TRIUMPH itself, allowing us each to "fly like a golden Falcon" after we, too, have triumphed over ourselves.