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Spirit Question and Answer

The Following answer is in response to a question concerning dualism:

It is very ironic that there are two forms of dualism, dualistic reality and dualistic morality; they are very often confused with each other. A dualistic reality is day and night; a dualistic morality is good and bad. The Spirit created dualistic reality; humans created dualistic morality.

As a classic example: it's a rainy day. How often have you heard someone say what a terrible day it is? Is it really terrible when it rains? Is the rain bad? Of course not! Rain is as necessary to our existence as the sun is; if every one stopped and thought about it for a second, they would conclude the perfection of the Spirit's Great Plan. Yet, there are quite a few people going around and placing their personal value judgments, i.e. dualistic morality, on it.

While we humans (if we so desire) can get into "good" and "bad", the Spirit simply is.

This answer is in response to a question concerning Sir Isaac Newton's knowledge of the Kaballah:

Unfortunately, I am unable to give you any reference to Newton in association with the Kaballah. The author (my teacher, friend, and soul brother) of the web site passed away this past autumn. I did some research to no avail. I do recall him, years ago, speaking of Newton's Philosophiae naturalis principia mathmatic, or Principia as it is commonly known, containing references to archangels, angels, etc. Whether Newton plainly states or my brother/friend concluded the Kaballah connection, I do not know. Perhaps a look at Principia, or other of Newton's original writings, will reveal the information you seek. Good luck!

Here's an aswer in response to a question concerning the number "222":

Traditional numerology recognizes the even digits representing materiality and the odd digits representing spirituality. In your case, there is an even number repeated three times. The number 2 is the first expression of materiality and is known as duality; it permeates physical reality: day/night, up/down, left/right, forward/backward, etc. The number is repeated thrice; 3 is the first expression of spirituality in the material world (the number 1 is the first spiritual expression, yet manifests in the spiritual world).

In summary, you are receiving a number which indicates a dawning awareness that within the manifestation of the material world there are spiritual principles governing physical reality.

Here is a question to which our readers may reply. What would you do in this situation?

Dear Ava,

It had been obvious to me that for some time, something major was troubling my 16-year-old daughter, who absolutely refused to discuss with me what was happening in her private world with her boyfriend.
I actually started fearing for her life. Exhausting all efforts at any communication in this regard, I broke her right to privacy and read her journal. What I discovered, confirmed my concerns. Her boyfriend was suicidal and transferred the blame onto my daughter, who felt traumatized by the situation, accepted the blame, and considered doing harm to herself. I told her I read her journal, and forbade her to see him ever again. Although I feel her life is better for my actions, she is still furious with me for my 'betrayal" of trust, and I understand this. Does anyone know of any other way to have handled the situation?

Anonymous Mother

Dear Mother,

In parenting, one forever has to make choices. Rather than judging oneself as right or wrong, there is actually the law of action and reaction at work, what is lost and what is gained by any action. Your action of reading the journal was in reaction to concern for safety, a prime directive for a parent responsible for children until they are 18, as much as we wish to let the adolescent handle their own affairs and gain their experiences. Hopefully, with time, the daughter's anger and betrayal feelings will be seen for what they really were. She felt isolated by not confiding in someone else who could have helped her see the truth of the situation. Her own guilt and rejection fears and poor self-image allowed someone to affect her so negatively. Hopefully, from this experience she will gain insight into the need for positive support from other people, be they friends or family, when dealing with soul searching matters in a relationship.

I asked one of the teens in my counsel for her opinion on the situation, and she was in support of your action as an act of loving and caring beyond what your daughter would think of you. I could not think of any other way of handling it outside of offering to take her to a counselor if she wouldn't talk to you, but that held no guarantees that anything would have come out either, so your choice for the circumstances sounded wise. What would she have done if the roles were reversed?

Now we ask our readers, what would you have done? Let us know.