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Wise Winemaker (Khiron's Lament)

Through snowy Fitchburg streets I once traveled
Where a bakery's warmth beckoned me forth
There I first met you, wise winemaker

Wide elfish grin deeply painted upon your face
Grey-white hair matching your pleasant inner genius
Your honeywine alchemy instantly shared between us
Our friendship forged with a simple glass of mead

Many times I would personally visit you afterwards
Gracious wizardly host you were made me feel like I belonged
Your dwelling became a safe, spiritual haven
Wisdom flowed from your sullen lips as easily as your wine

Are you the Maitreya silk-woven into a human form?
Were you once Saint Francis of Assisi --
beloved by children and animals?
Were you once Ramses, great Pharaoh of Egypt and the Nile?
Perhaps all and yet none of these are true

Your passing from this world came far too soon
Yet I knew you longed for release from this mortal realm
Imperial Sun Dragon of Spirit, you are now free
Free to have the Cosmos partake of your precious wine -- Love.