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Spirit & Choices

Have you ever made a choice about something, and then, perhaps years later, wondered if that choice was really right for you? There are times in all our lives when we have to make choices. Choices that are made in the moment because they feel right. Choices that are made because of pressure from others or from society. Choices that are made because we hear Spirit calling us to make them. It is this last kind of choice that is the most important.

When we make decisions about the people we will spend our lives with, lifestyle and even livelihood, we need to share these choices fully with those around us. This is full relating. Anything less is dishonest, especially toward oneself. This writer knows that this is the case.

Sometimes the only way to resolve doubts is to talk with loved ones, especially those with greater experience. Staying open to those that share our lives is a very helpful way to make sure that we are not fooling ourselves. If we go off into private ventures and cut off others that we care about, only hurt can come of it. So if you think, "Maybe this is what I want to do," and can't bring yourself to talk to your friends about it, it probably isn't. Look to certainties for the real answers.

While talking with our friends and family is helpful, only the individual knows what is right for him or her. Sometimes it takes soul-searching, sometimes it just takes time, but there is always a way to know exactly what we want, or at least a right choice for the moment. Just don't leave those that you care about out of the loop. If they really are your friends, they will understand, and they will do what they can to help.

A very helpful thing to this writer has been the lesson that choices don't have to be permanent, but if you make a choice, stick with it, until it's time to make another one! To have things turn out for the best, keep all the people involved abreast of what is really going on.