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In the previous issue of Spirit-21, we discussed the meaning associated with some of the sounds in our language, and that in calling someone's name, we are calling upon a specific energy as generated by the sequence of sounds that make up that name. We provided a list of what were known as the "destructive" sounds. These were late additions to language. This issue now provides the sounds that were part of the original mother tongue. Accompanying these sounds, we describe the visual representation assigned to those sounds.

SoundMeaningVisual Symbol
Ablessed, yes, continuea spiral
Bbuild, make, doa mason's square
Dheaven, life, continuumthe sky
Ea, the, it, one specificone digit or slash
Hprotect, shelter, guidea maze
Ithis, that, I, you, any specifictwo digits or slashes
Kemanate, shine, prayan altar stone
Lrule, law, ordera crown
Moffice, station, functiona courtyard
Nin, on, with, uponthe ocean
Ojoy, peace, delight, hopea smile
Pdoorwaya door
Qcreate, sing, speaka rainbow
Rspirit, heart, soul, entitythe sun
Spattern, life, namea looped cross
Tthen, furthermore, anda crossroads
Urest, sleepa chalice
Vempower, bestowthe compass
Wsource, origin, previous statea down-turned chalice
Yplural, they, we, all, thosethree digits or slashes

To analyze one's name in terms of the nature being called upon by calling that name is now rather simple. In my own case, I chose the name "Ava" (pronounced ah-vah) because it rang in my soul. Analyzing it, I discovered that inside I truly felt "blessed, yes, continue - empowering - blessed yes continue". My purpose in life felt aligned with the continuing process of experiencing my own god-self nature and helping others find and continue on in theirs as well. My parents wanted a Joan, which meant condemnation, judgement, criticism- joy, peace, delight-blessed yes continue-in, on, with, upon. As "Joan" I experienced myself as very self-critical and self-judging, with strong opinions about how things ought to be, to the point that it was not always easy to relax. I feel more at home as "Ava" than I did as Joan.

The science of sound can provide many interesting insights into our relating with one another. Do you find yourself assigning nicknames to people you know? Perhaps you experience them differently than they are called. Perhaps you have different names for the different roles you play, or for different time periods in your life. Much can be revealed through the sounds by which we are called and by which we call one another. Much insight can be gained through application of this science of sound. We hope you find it as interesting and applicable as we have.