CHOKMAH: The Sphere Of Wisdom


Identified by Kaballah as "the Sephirah of Chokmah," this Sphere of energy encompasses the Right Eye, Ear, Nostril, Temple and Skull area; any or all of which can become 'sore' or traumatized by A CRISIS ABOUT "WISDOM." Wisdom "means" HOW TO ACCURATELY "ACT" IN ONE'S CURRENT SITUATION. This is not a matter of 'information' that one is missing (for apparently the 'facts' are already known,) but of HOW TO TAKE ACTION on the known facts. As such, Chokmah-related crises are BEHAVIORAL CRISES, requiring us to exercise "Wisdom" in how we BEHAVE.

In practical terms, all Chokmah crises require us to CHOOSE something; a new way of relating, a new self-opinion, a new approach to being who we are. IT IS NOT EASY TO MAKE SUCH DECISIONS!.. for one can feel that such a change will alter our lives, maybe drastically.

EFFECTIVE PLANNING OF HOW WE WANT OUR LIVES TO BE IN THE FUTURE is the central issue in solving Chokmah-related crises; we must find a way to DECIDE what to do, how to become or what to evolve our lives into. Carefull FUTURE-PLANNING is of the essence here.



Like all Branches of The Tree Of Life, Chokmah connects us with FOUR LEVELS of the Spiritual Hierarchy or "chain of command." Anytime your search for Holistic Synthesis or Wholeness points to this Sephirah, there is a strong probability that YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THIS CHAIN OF COMMAND IN SOME WAY before your crisis or problem will resolve itself completely. The Four Levels of this Branch Of Life are:


The Physical Level of Hierarchy in all Sephiroth is the same; ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES and/or THE "I CHING" LIFE-CALENDAR. For any event involving this Sephirah that began suddenly and has not diminished since then, the Life-Calendar is probably the source of the influence; you should be able to see the pattern clearly (including when to expect it to end) by reading the Year-Hexagram from that Calendar. Any PROCESS that seems to be EVOLVING into ever-changing forms over a long period of time is probably due to ASTROLOGICAL CHANGES affecting one's place in the world around you, as reflected by Planetary Changes. Note that you will need both a Natal (Birth) Horoscope AND a Transit Chart for the current year, in order to understand these Planetary Cycles. The Planet NEPTUNE directly governs this Sephirah in Astrology.


The Science of Chokmah is "LIGHT-SHAPING" or Visualization.. the power of the mind to 'paint images' in the "image-ination' until they become quite visible structures. This skill is innate or in-born to all of us, and all it takes to perfect it is EFFORT. Anytime one experiences trauma or problems with this Sephirah, THERE IS AN INCOMPLETELY-CREATED PICTURE tying to get FINISHED. In most cases, that is YOU!.. for we, too, were created in one specific Image until we were a clearly-defined Shape (normally called our "God-Self;") though we may not yet be living AS THAT. This incomplete Image-fulfillment is the central issue in all Chokmah crises.

If you came here because of some very clearly-understood problem or situation that requires you to choose between many possible courses of action, try IMAGINING each possible outcome.. play-out a 'fantasy' of each possible direction you could go in, and see if one is more pleasant than all the others, to think about. THAT is clearly the direction to go in! Now, continue or repeat that fantasy until you have built of it a virtually 'visable image' that you can clearly SEE with your mind.. and then move-on to the next two Levels of this page, until you find a way to "Command" that into LIFE. That is Completed Visualization; and the final healing of your problem-situation.

Once learned as a tool for making your own life better, Light-Shaping can also be used as a way of helping OTHERS too. Visualizing an improvement that a friend has told you they need, and then asking Spirit to help that come to LIFE for them, can make of you a Spirit Helper of great value to the world.. by use of the Power Of Light.


Most western societies know of the great "Spiritual Intermediaries" who caretake our relationship with the Great Spirit, and refer to them as "Archangels." Asian societies normally call them "Bodhisattvas" and will need to turn to their own cultural traditions for guidance in contacting the right Bodhisattva for their Chokmah-related problems.. though ANYONE can call upon ANY Spiritual Authority and get useful results. The Archangel of Chokmah is named "Ratziel," and he connects us with our Creator in the form spelled YHWH in Hebrew, which is pronounced "Yove" (Jove in other languages,) which is simply THE NAME HE USED WHEN HE SAID "LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE." Anytime you call upon that name you gain some of his Powers Of Creation.. with which to help RE-create or perfect yourself in the Image he gave you at your Creation.

The Angelic Order (or lineage of Devic Spirit-Workers, if you prefer) who serve this Sephirah are called the "AUPHANIM" or The Encircling Ones; and they SURROUND US with whatever we have properly shaped out of Light.. literally 'fetching' those Images as a puppy fetches your slippers. The Auphanim do not "judge" your Images.. they only OBEY them!, so it is important that you give them only DESIRABLE Images to fetch! Every time you vividly imagine some delay, obstacle, problem or unpleasantness (even if you THINK you are only 'trying to avoid such things' by imagining them) the Auphanim FETCH IT for you automatically. The only solution to this problem is to call upon their Archangel and God-Aspect and CLEARLY spell-out what you really DO want!.. and then stop all 'dark Imaginings!'

To contact the Archangel of Wisdom in the most direct way possible, jot-down the names just mentioned and then click-on KABALLAH-CIRCLE RITES where a reliable, long-used Ritual Meditation is listed.. and simply perform it as shown, inserting the proper names where prompted. This will trigger as much immediate Spiritual HELP for your problem or crisis as possible right now.

Repeated contact with this Archangel (asking each time for yet MORE clarity of Understanding and more help with solving the specific details of your crisis or condition) over a period of days or weeks may prove extremely useful. Finding personal WISDOM for living your life Wisely is the central need, in order to finally end your Chokmah-related problem.


The "Aspect" or FORM of the Great Spirit called Yove (YHWH in Hebrew) "invoked" or Spoke Into Being our entire universe, according to the ancient lore; and that is exactly what YOU must do in order to fully finish whatever crisis brought you here. The power of Spoken Commands Of Creation is called GNOSIS in Greek (which means 'a special knowledge.') At it's highest level of development, Gnosis allows any Gnostic to Command changes to occur in their lives, and IT DOES. Does that surprise you? If so, you simply have led a very sheltered life!.. for this knowledge has been around literally FOREVER.. and every culture on earth has known of it.

Gnostic Command or Magical Decree by any other name is a VERY PERSONAL matter; we were each made with a certain pattern of it hidden within us, to discover and perfect. Your Chokmah-related crisis proves that THIS IS THE TIME FOR THAT! Take on this work seriously, and make of yourself what your Maker intended.. ONE OF HIS OWN KIND (in other words,) A GOD-LIKE BEING WHOSE WORDS CAUSE THINGS TO HAPPEN. Naturally, that will require that you STOP saying anything that is not 'true' or worthwhile. Are you prone to saying things like 'what, ME "holy?",' or 'I can't do THAT' or any of the countless other words people use to keep themselves from TRYING TO COMMAND THEIR LIVES TO GET BETTER.

After you have purged yourself of "wrong words," you will THEN need to find the RIGHT ones! That, too, is a very personal matter.. which you must find in your heart, hidden away as "sacred WISHES" that have always been within you. Finding those wishes and putting them into Words is the final development of Gnosis. Many times this happens to involve some 'holy' or ancient language as well as 'personal rituals' that connect you with the Image you have found yourself to have been made to grow-into. All of this takes WORK and TIME; but it may be necessary, before your Chokmah-crisis will completely end for you.

A final detail of Gnosis is that it normally occurs within 'the magic Circle' described in KABALLAH-CIRCLE RITES. You may find some of the 'ingredients' of your Personal Gnosis there as well!

Called PTAH in the ancient Egyptian "paut Neteru" or Great Company of the Gods.. and considered the god of "Planning" and well-organized Goals.. the God-Aspect of Chokmah has always been associated with the "Blueprint" of things. You may think of Ptah/YHWH as the Architect of Tomorrow, requiring YOU to put-forth both hard work and the right attitude to design what you need, properly. Ptah's symbols are the Masonic Square and Compass encircled by a knotted Rope. Like Ptah, you must use these tools to build your OWN Paradise.