ANALYSIS: The Physical "Dimension"

Identify AREA Of Concern:



There is NO DIFFERENCE (symbolically) BETWEEN 'REAL' AND "DREAM" THINGS; both are STILL 'materials' to be analyzed by these same Symbols.

Parts Of Nature


0 = Self-Transcendence: Void-of-Ego, one expands into the Many
1 = Unity: the Self (on a Cosmic Level)
2 = Duality: relating based on natural NEEDS
3 = Interactivity: Wholeness; Body-Mind-Spirit Integration
4 = Location: Physical Quadrants; denoting a Home or Abode
5 = Substance: Elemental Matter in it's five phases; Power
6 = Harmonization: two body-mind-spirits come together
7 = Creative Intellect: a Hidden Creator known only to the Wise
8 = Industry: Wealth, construction, business skills and success
9 = Providence: humanitarian benevolence; blessing ALL things
10= Society: Community as a Life-form; the Gestalt
11= Spiritual MASTERY: mystical and philosophic study, perfected
12= Universality: finding one's natural place within the Whole
13= "Destined:" blessed by Mother Nature as 'good' for the world
20= Relatedness: having the ability to relate with all peoples
22= Material MASTERY: creative and organization skills, perfected
33= Holistic MASTERY: a Messenger of Future Social Evolution
40= Completeness: every possible permutation carefully analyzed


BLACK:  The New & Unknown, and therefore a bit 'scary'
WHITE: The Pure and Spiritualized (Black 'cleaned-up!')
GREY: Education, Law and Wisdom
BROWN: Materiality; Physical & Bodily interest; Sensuality
SILVER: Purification; Refinement Underway
GOLD: Immortalization; Nobility-recognized
RED: The Root Chakra; Survival-needs & Physicality
ORANGE: The Sexual Chakra; Sexual & Creative Activities
YELLOW: Solar Plexus Chakra; Business; Authority & Willpower
GREEN: The Heart Chakra; Love, Devotion; 'beliefs'
BLUE: The Throat (Astral) Chakra; Personality-Expression:
    Bright "Electric" Blue: Divinity; Spiritual Identity
    Sky Blue: Awareness; Clarity & Peace of Mind
    Navy Blue: Problem-Solving; Adventures in pursuit of Clarity
    Midnight Blue: Problem-Dropping; letting-go of old Mistakes
PURPLE: 3rd Eye (Psychic) Chakra; Truth, Spiritual Law
VIOLET: The Crown Chakra; Humanitarian Service & 'Ministry'
ROSE-PINK: Romance; Sexual Desire & Feminine "culture"
LAVENDER-ROSE: Fraternity; Brotherly Love, Masculine "culture"


CLOUDS: Spiritual GIFTS on their way; future Blessings
DAWN (Sunrise:) New Beginnings; things just starting to occur
DAYTIME: Conscious Self: the Ego and Super-Ego (God-Self)
DUSK (Sundown:) Endings; letting go of past events or situations
EARTH (soil:) Materiality; bodily Health and Wealth
    MOUNTAIN: Masculinity (Yang) Creative Drive
    VALLEY: Femininity (Yin) Receptive Nurturing
FIRE: Creative Enthusiasm; Sexuality, Passion and other INSPIRATIONS
FOREST (or Jungle:) Society; unexplored human potential
ICE: Strengthening of the Spirit; incoming powers or assets
LIGHTENING (& Thunder:) Divine Intervention; the finger of God
MERCURY (quick-silver:) Mental Alertness; responding to communication
NIGHT (darkness:) Unconscious Self; the Id & Libido (the Dream-Time)
RAIN: Blessings pouring down; HELP in answer to our needs
SALT: Purification; removing impurities and burning-away decay
SKY: World-Mind; Consciousness, filling all things; Telepathy
SNOW: Purification directed to us from Spirit; forgiveness of the past
STAR-FIELD (Space): Cosmic Consciousness; meeting 'God;' Divine Guidance
SULPHUR:  Sterilization; preventing contamination by unwanted life-forces
WATER:  Spiritual SYMPATHY: being comforted and helped by others
    LAKE: Pleasure, contentment, joy
    RIVER: "the Happy Flow" of Life
    OCEAN: the Spiritual Universe, or Gestalt


The Metals:

ALUMINUM: Expendability; temporary but useful service
BRASS: Efficiency; precision-crafted tools of 'science' 
BRONZE: Honor; Pomp & Ceremony Honoring "Nobility" of things
COPPER: Conduction; channeling Energy into bodily strength
GOLD: Immortalization; preserving things unchanged through Time
IRON: Force; survival through Strength; 'Might Does Right'
LEAD: Density; Impenetrable 'Ignorance;' Blocking Things Off
PLATINUM (White Gold:) Acceptance; reaching a Compromise
SILVER: Refinement; removing impurities; Improvement
STEEL: Effectiveness; the ability to get the Job done
TIN: Preservation; preventing Decay from occuring
TITANIUM: Strength; handling otherwise unbearable stresses
ZINC: Workability; turning the impractical into the practical

The Stones:

AGATE: Physical Structures; Reality's "bones;" the Facts
ALABASTER: Self-Worth; recognizing unique beauty & value
AMBER: 'Ancient Fire Of The Sun;' opens Soul-memory & Passions
AMETHYST: Spiritual Healing; conquering the Lower Self; Spirit
AQUAMARINE: Nature-Spirit Contact; Token of the Djinns & Devas
AZURITE: the Mystic Messenger; Astral-Plane & Dream control
BERYL: "Seal Of Authenticity;" proves a connection to be Real
BLOODSTONE: Ego-Survival; strengthens weak self-identity
CARNELIAN: Physical Power; the driving 'muscles' of the Self
CHRYSOBERYL (Two Varieties:) Spiritual Consequences; Karma
    Alexandrite: Imperial Fortunes; "Rise Or FALL!"
    Cat's-Eye: Charity & Helpfulness; helping others to Rise
CHRYSOCHOLLA: Self-Expression; Personality & Identity Clarity
CHRYSOPRASE: Ideals Manifested; embodying heartfelt committments
CITRINE: Lightheartedness; cheer, hope and gladness; Laughter
CORAL: honor & Dignity of the Soul; Divine Favor Bestowed
DIAMOND: Unchangeability; preserving things down through Time
EMERALD: Everlasting Protection; Fidelity; Archangelic Help
FLINT: Useful Power; harnessing the Elements for survival
GARNET: Revelation; ability to see the hidden facts; Insight
GRANITE: Inhospitable Environment; confining dangerous forces
HEMATITE: Holistic Balance; uniting Body, Mind & Spirit
JADE: where Heaven and Earth meet; Spiritual Blessedness
JASPER: see Agate
LAPIS LAZULI: divine Intent Enacted; Spiritual Law manifested
LIMESTONE: "brought-about by History itself;" a natural event
LODESTONE (Magnetite:) sexual attraction obeyed; Love-potion
MALACHITE: physical Embodiment; Health, Wealth & Fertility
MARBLE: "produced by long effort;" high cultural Excellence
MOONSTONE: 'token of Wicca;' bestows Prophecy and Magic
OBSIDIAN (Volcanic Glass:) "forged under stress;" hard-won
ONYX: Enery-Blocking; prevents interference or excesses
OPAL: Self-Image & Personality; "the Eye of the Beholder"
PEARL: Mystic Alchemy; evolution of the Soul through Wisdom
PERIDOT: Humor & foresight; Inspired Living guided by Joy
QUARTZ (Crystal:) the Communion Stone; aligns Self with Cosmos
RUBY: Triumph; courage and strength in the face of adversity
SANDSTONE: "a product of many hands;" community-based affairs
SAPPHIRE: the Supernal Realm; carries one beyond mortal limits
SLATE: Utility; serving society's needs; humanitarianism
TERRA-COTTA (clay, pottery, Brick & Tile:) Manufacturing
TIGEREYE: Quickness of Mind & Body; Adaptability and Skill
TOPAZ: "Stone of Ra;" psycho-sexual vitality; Seductive Charm
TURQUOISE: "Stone of Gaia:" Blessing and Harmonization; Beauty
ZIRCON (Jacinth:) Protection from Danger or Fear; Safety

PLANTS: (All symbols of LIBIDO or Soul-types)

TREES and their Fruit

ACACIA: Accounting; Supply & demand
ALMOND: Attraction; Magnetism
APPLE: Seductive Desirability
APRICOT: Treasure; Hidden Wealth
ASH: (Asia-Wood) Sacred Knowledge
ASPEN: Freshness; a "clean slate"
AVOCADO: Well-Provided-For Leisure
BAMBOO: Nature as Parent; Providence
BAY (Laurel): Nobility, Honor, Fame
BEECH: Personality, Unique 'mood'
BIRCH: Aspiration; Faith and Hope
CACTUS: Survival Skills
CAROB: Productivity; work skills
CEDAR: Preservation; the Past
COTTONWOOD: Reproductive Drive
DOGWOOD: Respect; Confidence
EBONY: Unchangeable Identity
ELDER: Luxury; Exotic Richness
ELM: Care; Mercy and Compassion
EUCALYPTUS: Fitting Into The Ecology
FIG: Spiritual Wealth; Divinity
GRAPEFRUIT: Healing; Recovery
GRAPE VINE: Abundance; Shared Plenty
HEMLOCK: Courage; Danger Defied
HICKORY: Perserverence; Insistence
HONEYSUCKLE: Harmony; peaceful Unity
IRONWOOD: Impenetrable Defenses
JUNIPER: Hardy Adaptability
LARCH: Wilderness-Spirit; Freedom
LEMON: Purification & Cleansing
LIME: Foresight; Careful Planning
MAHOGANY: Practical Utility; Value
MANGROVE: A Stable, Secure Home
MAPLE: Generosity; Friendliness
MESQUITE: Living Off-Of Nature
MULBERRY: Independent Strength
OAK: Powers of the Soul; Magic
OLIVE: "Peace With Honor"
ORANGE: Sexuality; happy relating
OSAGE: JOY; happy Outlook
PALMIGRANATE: Holistic Integration
PALM (Coconut:) Child-like Innocence
PALM (Date:) Providence; "Miracles"
PEACH: Fertility; Sexual Desire
PEAR: Abundant Plenty; Wealth
PECAN: Legacies; Saved-Up Wealth
PERSIMMON: Clever Ingenuity; Craft
PISTACHIO: Hard-Won Achievement
PINE: Meditation; Protected Privacy
PLUM: Sweet Surrender; Acceptance
POPLAR: Youth; Energetic Vitality
QUINCE: Intelligence; Mental Clarity
REDWOOD: Libido; Primordial Urges
ROSE (Briar:) Love; Romantic Passion
SANDALWOOD: Spiritual Ministry
SPRUCE: Acceptability; Worthiness
SYCAMORE: Majesty; Stately Dignity
TAMARISK: Agelessness; Longevity
TEAK: Immortality; Spirituality
WALNUT: Splendor; Renown; Fame
WATER BIRCH: Sympathy; Fellowship
WILLOW: Wild, Untamed Nature
WITCH-HAZEL: Magical Protection
YEW: Docile Socialization


THE ANIMALS: (Totems of BEHAVIOR & Activities)


CAPRICORNUS (Sea-Goat:) Spiritual Motivations; Yogic & Shamanic traditions
CENTAUR (Man-Horse:) the Social Animal; Social rather than Personal values
DRAGON: Magic; Miracle; Supernatural Forces; the power to command Nature
GARGOYLE: Monsters of the Id; Nightmare-remembered; fear of the Psyche
MINOTAUR(bull-man:)  Authoritarianism; "herd-bull psychology;" egomania
SPHINX (Egyptian:) Eternal Wisdom; Lasting Overview of Reality; Sagehood
       (Greek, winged:) Eternal Mysteries; the Riddle of the Genders; Sex
TETRAMORPHS (Ox, Man, Eagle & Lion:) the Four Worlds controlled; Mastery
UNICORN: Divinity; Spiritual rather than human power; Purity of Intent


AARDVARK: Social Services Administration and social policy-setting
ALLIGATOR: prehistoric hungers still unsatisfied; unevolved psychology
ANTELOPE (any specie:) Aloofness; swift departure from danger
APE (any specie:) Natural Social Arrangements
ARMADILLO (and other armored anteaters:) Boundaries; setting social limits
ASS (Donkey:) Patient perserverence; steady WORK
BADGER: Independence; defense of one's own individuality
BAT: INVERSION (negativity;) Reality turned Upside-Down; Hidden Motives
BEAR: "Dharma-Lord;" Meditative skills perfected; caretaking Spirituality
BEAVER: Builders; creative activities and Construction of new institutions
BIGHORN SHEEP: Sexual Self-Display.. sometimes leading to ego-competition
BIRDS: (all symbols of individual SOUL-SPECIALIZATIONS:)
	ALBATROSS: Ceaseless Observation; spiritual contemplation
	BLACKBIRD (any:) Future hopes; new places, people & things
	BLUEBIRD: Love Of Life; contentment, happiness and PEACE
	BLUEJAY: Reminders Of Duty; the Policemen of NAture: "BE CAREFUL!"	
	CANARY: Love EXPRESSED; music, art, poetry & other RAPTURES
	CARDINAL: Divine Presence; protection and guidance from Spirit
	CATBIRD: Passing-on local News; stimulating conversations
	CHICKADEE: Friendship; relaxed time with close friends
	CHICKEN: Domestic Service; usefulness to the immediate vicinity
	CONDOR: see Vulture
	COOKOO: See Mockingbird	
	CRANE: Marriage; Fidelity, and Happy Relating FOR LIFE
	CROW: the Laws Of Spirit; communication from Heaven to Earth
	DOVE: True Love; the ability to care for others unselfishly
	DUCK (any:) Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance
	EAGLE (Bald & Fishing:) Spiritual Victory; rising above pettiness
	      (any other type:) Military Victory; the Strongest RULE
	FLAMINGO, SPOONBILL, ETC: Relaxed, sociable 'retirement'
	GOOSE: Security; Home and Family Life
	GROUSE (any:) Life's DANCE; rituals of one's Society
	GULL: Guardian of the Margin between Life & Death; SOUL-Guides
	HAWKS: (MESSAGE-BEARERS, by specific Type:)
	     FALCONS: "Soldiers Of Peace;" direct Spirit Authority
	     GOSHAWK, FISHING HAWKS: Maintaining the Purity of Nature
	     GREAT NORTHERN HAWK: Reassuring Presence of Protection
	     HARRIS' & MOST OTHER HAWKS: Crafts; practical skills
	     MARSH HAWK: Modernization; removing out-worn patterns
	     RED-TAILED, SHOULDERED: "baby-sitting" the weak & small
	HERON: The needs of Nature; ecological balance, maintained
	HUMMINGBIRD: JOY; Love and Wonder; the Child Within
	IBIS: Scholarship; education; esoteric knowledge
	KIWI: Mystery; the hidden wonders of Spirit & Nature
	LOON: Pristine Nature; undisturbed Wilderness preserved
	MOCKINGBIRD: role-rehearsal; learning how to relate socially
	OSTRICH: Royalty; Splendor & the glamor of Worldly Power
	OWLS: (all symbols of WISDOM, by Type:)
	     BARN OWL: Local Wisdoms; helping the immediate vicinity
	     BARRED OWL: Wise Mercy; helping the old, weak & infirm
	     BURROWING OWLS: Private Wisdom; Gnosis, Self-Truth	    
	     ELF OWL: Hidden, SACRED Wisdoms; esoteric sciences	    
	     GREAT HORNED OWL: Spiritual Wisdom; the Needs of SOULS
	     GREY OWL: Wise RELATING; how everything fits TOGETHER
	     SCREECH OWL: Wilderness Wisdom; life & Death SURVIVAL
	     SPOTTED OWL: Ecological Wisdom; what NATURE needs
	PARAKEETS: Companionship; Group Behaviors
	PARROT: Mimicry; learning by recital; Education
	PEACOCK: Mysticism; serene spiritual Power at work
	PENGUIN: Endurance; surviving in Nature without distress
	PHEASANT: Blessing; the Proof of ACCEPTABILITY & Honor
	PIGEON: "Fitting IN;" the ability to merge with the group
	QUAIL: Innocent Purity; childlike Simplicity of behavior
	RAVEN: Magical Truths; Enlightened Use Of Divine Power
	ROBIN: Minding one's own business; good-neighborliness
	SANDPIPER: Endless Motion; TIME and how to 'flow' with it
	SPOONBILL: see Flamingo
	STORK: Birth; Fertility; the ability to Create
	TURKEY: Philanthropy; Giving freely to others; charity
	VULTURE: Keeping the world CLEAN; caretaking Nature
	WAXWINGS (any:) Integration; sharing it ALL with EVERYONE
BOAR (also see Pig:) Spiritual Survival in a world of dangers
BOBCAT: Hardiness; the enjoyment of rough conditions
BUFFALO (Bison:) Abundant answers to prayers; Providence
        (Water:) Useful Power Harnessed; successful skill
        (Cape:) Violent Self-Defense; "Don't Tread On ME!"
BULL: Agressive Creative Drive (economic AND sexual)
CAMEL: Perserverance in Hardship; the power ot FINISH tasks
CAPYBARA: see Muskrat
CARIBOU: Loyalty to the Group; committed relationships
CAT: Mental "Prowling;" restless curiosity and self-amusement
CHEETAH: Swiftness greater than any other; Successful Speed
CHINCHILLA: see Hamster
CHIPMUNK: Thrift and Economy; saving-up for the future
COATI-MUNDI: same meaning as Llama
CONEY: see Rabbit
COUGAR (American Lion:) Solitary self-authority; private Space
COW: Abundance; Wealth and Security
COYOTE: Cleverness; the ability to survive by Wit & "Tricks"
CROCODILE: see Alligator
DEER (any specie:) Innocence and Purity of Nature
DOG: Friendship and Companionability; "man's best friend"
ELEPHANT: Endless Memory; past-life memory and History
ELK: Nobility and Strength; Male Honor at it's highest
ERMINE: Royal Beauty and Privileges; Aristocracy
FERRET: Irrepressible curiosity and explorative cunning
	ABALONE: Protected Treasures; secure fortunes
	ANEMONE: Income; career-skills and practices	
	BELUGA (white Whale:) see Porpoise
	CATFISH: The value of ordinary or 'lowly' things
	CLAM: Closed Environs; inaccessibility to outsiders
	COD: see Haddock
	CRAB: Impenetrable Exterior: safety from invasion
	DOLPHIN: see Porpoise
	EEL (any:) Libido; unexplored sexual interests
	FLYING FISH: Liberation; escaping one's background
	GOLDFISH: Domestic Serenity; cultural harmony
	HADDOCK & other White Food Fish: USEFULNESS, utility
	JELLYFISH: Undesireable entanglements; caution
	NARWHAL (Sea Unicorn:) Capricornus; Spiritual Authority
	OCTOPUS: Entanglement; "Destiny or KARMA?"
	PERCH: Recreational Play and self-enjoyments
	PIKE: Agressive, slightly dangerous individuality
	PIRANHA: Overt Hostility; attack-mode psychology
	PORPOISE: Spiritual Sympathy; Brotherhood with all Life
	PORTUGUESE MAN-O-WAR: Risk; foolhardy courting of danger
	RAY (any:) Underlying danger; hidden threat
	SALMON: Reliability; traditional & instinctive patterns
	SARDINE: Efficiency; maximum use of available resources
	SHARK: Brute Instinct; the deadly side of personality
	SNAIL, SLUG: Progress; a continuing process underway
	SQUID: Self-Interest; mundane or worldly ambition
	STURGEON: Royal, Aristocratic Personality; Leadership
	SWORDFISH: Danger Defeated; dominance over all enemies
	TROUT: Youth; liveliness, vitality, enthusiasm
	TUNA: Bounty; Prosperity and Abundant Wealth
	WHALE (any but Beluga, Narwhal:) Wisdom; Soul-Memory
FOX: Invisibility; the ability to do one's work unobserved
FROG: Humanity Anticipated; omens of future human evolution
GIRAFFE: Overview; prophetic, visionary powers of mind
GOAT: Survival instinct; sexual and material aggression
GOPHER: Minding One's Own Business; self-contentment
GROUNDHOG: Intuitive Powers; prophecy of coming changes
HAMSTER: Sublimated sexuality; constant activity, fantasies
HARE: see Rabbit
HEDGEHOG: Specialized 'niches,' finding one's Place
HOG: see Pig, Boar
HYENA: Survival through violent strategies; success in war
HIPPO: Dominion; uncontested Authority over one's space
HORSE: Social status; useful strengths WITHIN THE HERD
IGUANA: Age-old, tribal dignity; customs of the society
	ANT: serving the needs of the community
	BEETLE: Creative Industry; shaping Reality
	BEES: Productive Industry FOR THE SOCIAL ORDER
	BUTTERFLY: Transformation; shape-shifting at will
	BUMBLE-BEE: self-absorbed enjoyment of life
	CATERPILLAR: Un-completed, impending Evolution
	CENTIPEDE: entrenched habits; outdated patterns
	COCKROACH: Poverty; unhappy squalor; hopelessness
	DRAGONFLY: Imaginary Worlds; illusory fantasies
	FIREFLY & GLOW-WORM: Sexual Fantasy and arousal
	GNAT or MIDGE: the Local Ground rules; environment
	GRASSHOPPER: Relaxed, indulgent contemplation
	HORNET or WASP: Territorial Defense; angry reactions
	HOUSEFLY: Spoilage; the beginning of decay
	LOCUST: Mass-psychology; the Mob and it's actions
	MAGGOT: New possibilities emerging from the dead past
	MOTH: following one's attractions wherever the lead
	PRAYING MANTIS: Disguised Intent; the public facade
	SCORPION: Vengeful defense of one's privacy
	SPIDER: Weaving Stories; the power to alter history
	TARANTULA: Fight-or-Flight reactions; survival
	WASP: see hornet	
	WORM: Secret Lives; previously hidden activities
JACKAL: Intimate knowledge of the Dead; Soul-Guidance
JAGUAR: Autocratic Power; control of one's territory
KANGAROO: Social role-play; dramatic 'acting-out'
KOALA BEAR: Safety; knowing how to stay secure
LEMUR: Timid self-image; delicate, careful actions
LEMMING: Social Trends; living by 'fads' and popular styles
LEOPARD: Self-confidence; an aura of invincibility
LION (African:) Leadership skills; Example Rules Others
     (American) see Cougar
LIZARD: Dream-Time; the power to see the mystical world
LLAMA: Geographically-specialized Lifestyles; insularity
MANATEE (Sea Cow:) Peaceful Co-existance
MINK: Sensuality; sexual prowess
MOLE: Hidden Worlds; Privacy and Secrecy
MOUNTAIN GOAT & Chamois: Skillful maneuvering; Expertise
MOUSE: Exploration; adventure and inventiveness
MULE: Sterile, unfulfilled lives; all work and no play
MUSK OX: Organized community response; group defenses
MUSKRAT: Self-Employment; solitary, private industry
NEWT (water dog:) Adaptability; changing with the times
OPOSSUM: Surrender; passive serenity and Trust
ORANGUTAN: Isolated Lifestyles; the Hermit
OTTER: Friendly, playful living; feminine charm
OX: Patient Service; hard and productive work
PANDA (Giant:) Protected Meditation; secluded serenity
      (Lesser:) see Racoon
PANTHER: see Cougar; if black, see Leopard
PIG: Spiritual Purification; the Magic of Spiritual Alchemy
PLATYPUS: Marvelous Specialization; unique adaptability
POLAR BEAR: Uncontested Strength; Mastery of one's World
PORCUPINE: Protection of Purity and Sacred Places
RABBIT: Home-territory interests; Family & Friends
RACCOON: Ingenuity; finding a way to one's goals
RAT: Pioneering, getting there FIRST; inventive skill
REINDEER: Service to one's society; usefulness
RHINOCEROS: Invincible Brute Strength
SALAMANDER: Magical Power; the ability to transform things
SEA COW: see Manatee
SEAL and SEA LION: Companionship in the Spirit; Community
SHEEP: Community-life; a well-cared-for citizenry
       (also see Bighorn)
SHREW: Desperate survival-level fear of betrayal
SKUNK: Respect; the dignity of the individual
SLOTH: Refusal to change one's ways; individualism
SNAKE: (any NON-poisonous:) Libido; sexual forces, Healing
       (any POISONOUS:) Negative Sexuality; fear, revulsion
       (COBRA) Mastery; control over Nature's dangers; Adeptship
       (RATTLESNAKE:) Violent Defense of Territory
       (any CONSTRICTOR:) Crushing Forces; confinement, tyranny
SOW (also see Pig:) Providing for others despite hardships
SQUIRREL: Security-skills; hoarding one's wealth
STOAT: see Weasel
TADPOLE: Transformation On It's Way; about to start over
TAPIR: Humble Strength; docile and obedient 'commoners'
TIGER: Hunting (business) Skills; enjoyment of the Chase
TOAD: Mankind's Dark Past Remembered; reminders of old pain
TORTOISE: Immortal Truths; longevity and eternal overview
TURTLE: Mother Nature as one's home; contentment in all environments
VOLE: Timid but friendly Contact; Shy Sincerity
WALRUS: Sexual Prowess; collecting a Harem
WEASEL: Cleverness, successful schemes
WOLF: Wilderness' Teacher; communicating hard Truths
WOLVERINE: Relentless pursuit of victory; stalking skills
WOMBAT: Hidden Lifestyles; Secret (esoteric) Societies
YAK: Rugged, hard-working self-sufficiency
ZEBRA: Herd-Identity; the Gestalt; the ability to vanish into a crowd

Manmade Physical Objects

AIRPLANE: Progress through Consciousness itself; Psychic Growth
ALTAR: Divine or Magical Forces CONTROLLED; Spiritual Adeptship
ASTRONAUT: Progress through Cosmic Truths; Spiritual Awakening
BADGE: the powers of an 'ordained' office; Hieratic (rightful) Authority
BELT: "Holding-in" one's gut-level feelings in public; Polite 'Reserve'
BOOKS: Learning; information to be studied (also see Scriptures)
BOOTS: Personal Career directions; being ready to WORK
BUS: A local community 'gestalt;' one's familiar social environment
CAR: Personal Directions Of Progress; CAREER DIRECTIONS
CAULDRON, Kettle or Vat: Nourishing Others; serving the community
CASKET or COFFIN: The Past Is DEAD: letting go old worries
CUP or Chalice: a Shared COmmunion of Spirits; LOVE, Spirituality
CLOTHING: specialized ROLES; what one is DOING
DISHES: Socially-accepted Mores or Manners; Polite Lifestyles
DRUM: Rhythm; the Pace at which things get done (also see Musical Instruments)
EARRINGS: and other pierced jewelry: Advertized Attractiveness; Seduction
EYEGLASSES: Improved INSIGHT; seeing things more realistically
FUNNEL: Concentrating or 'narrowing-down' something to manageable form
GASOLINE or Petrol: the Power to get where you are going (often MONEY!)
GUNS or FIREARMS: Changing other-people's Intentions; forced growth
HATS Wigs & Headwear: Social roles; filling a niche in the community
HELICOPTER: Strategic Progress through Consciousness; Problem-Solving skills
HOUSE: Symbolic of THE OWNER'S LIFESTYLE (if a Mansion or Palace; LIFE'S HOUSE)
	ENTRY: Open-ness to others; Sociability
	LIVING ROOM: Social PASTIMES; how one entertains oneself & others
	KITCHEN: biologically, the Stomach & Spleen; Nurturing Individual Needs
		STOVE: Willpower; the ability to 'turn-on' and "get cooking!"
		SINK: Purification; 'cleaning-up your act' and staying Healthy
		GARBAGE-DISPOSAL: Getting RID of the CRAP you once needed
		TABLE or COUNTER: Working Procedures you use in helping others
		REFRIGERATOR: Memory; storing things for future consideration
		FREEZER: Long-term Memory; precious things from the past
		MICROWAVE: "Quick Solutions;" pat answers, immediate responses
		OVEN: Long-term Nurture; relationships that LAST
		SILVER & CRYSTAL: Etiquette; the Social Graces
	BEDROOM: Personal Identifications; one's most intimate circle or family
		DRESSING-TABLE or DRESSER: Self-Image; how we wish to be SEEN
		BED: One's most PRIVATE self-identity; the Soul
	BATHROOM: Sexuality; biologically, the reproductive organs
		TUB, Shower & Sink: see SINK (Kitchen)
		TOILET: Letting Go of the past; Flushing old situations
		MIRROR: Self IMAGE; perfecting one's own Persona
	DINING ROOM: Self-EDUCATION; what we 'ingest' or take into ourselves
	GAME ROOM Den or Playroom: Recreation; how we pass our free time
		BASEMENT or Cellar: The SUB-Conscious; instinct & Libido
		GROUND FLOOR: the Physical Level; the Body and Materiality
		SECOND FLOOR: the Mental Level; the Mind and Psychology
		THIRD FLOOR: the Spiritual Level; the Soul and Spirituality
		ATTIC: The SUPER-conscious; Divinity and the God-Self
	APPLIANCES & ACCESSORIES: also see color, numbers etc.
		LAMPS & Lights: Understanding; "seeing clearly"
		CHAIRS: "settling-in;" finding one's current place or situation
		CANDLES: Meditation; enlightened contemplation; prayer
		CLOCKS & CALENDARS: the passing of Time; PRECISE TIMING of things
		RADIO: Hear-Say or Gossip; what others are (or MAY be!,) saying
		TELEVISION: Insight; learning about OTHER PEOPLE and their lives; FEEDBACK
		TELEPHONE: Telepathy; hearing things from mind to mind
		COMPUTER: Logic; how to really get the Facts clearly understood
		FIREPLACE or WOOD STOVE: 'Old Fashioned Romance;' intimacy needs
		VACUUM CLEANER, Mops and Brooms: Lifestyle-CLEANING; Evolving Oneself
		ROBOT or MACHINES: Habitual Patterns; maintaining one's preferred Lifestyle
MASKS, Sunglasses & Disguises: Incognito; hiding one's true identity temporarily
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Creativity; the need to bring a new improvement into being
OFFICIAL UNIFORMS and those who wear them:
	POLICE: Laws of one's society; ENFORCEMENT
	ARMY: Defense of the society: PROTECTION
	NAVY, AIR FORCE: Directions of the society; PROGRESS
SWORD: Truth & Justice

Human Life-Experiences

Please select which "level" of life-experience you are in need of clarity about:


Or the following natural occurences:


BATHING: Removing signs of previous problems; Getting Over Things
BELCHING: Releasing Social Pressures in socially-acceptable ways
BIRTH: (Being Born:) Entering a new Life-Pattern; "reincarnated" lifestyle
       (Giving Birth:) Trait-Transference; a new Life-Pattern BROUGHT-ABOUT
BLEEDING: Sacrificing some of one's own life for others or some new Creation
BREATHING: Internalizing one's social environment; "taking-in" other spirits
COPULATING: (Vaginal Intercourse:) Rehearsing Future "Births" and Beginnings
            (Anal Sex:) Releasing past FEAR and moral JUDGEMENTS
            (Oral Sex:) BECOMING one's sexual partner; as in Tantra Yoga
            (Masturbation:) Loving oneself and being happy with your "lot"
COUGHING: Expelling unwanted Subtle (telepathic) Communications or pressure
DEATH: Liberation; one's Learning Phase completed, one goes to one's Reward
DEFECATION: Letting go of past circumstances; dropping the old 'crap!'
DREAMING (that you are Dreaming!:) The Power Of MAGIC (Causal Authority)
DRINKING: Ingesting Spiritual Nourishment; "taking-in the Essence" of things
DRUNKENNESS: Spirit-Rapture; overwhelmed by the force of Divinity
EATING: Ingesting or Taking-Into-Oneself the BOUNTY OF NATURE; Being BLESSED
EJACULATING (in Males:) Cosmic "Release;"  re-merging with the Creator
FAINTING: "Temporary Death;" Going "to Heaven" briefly to get Help
FALLING: Psychic Exploration; finding the depths of the Unconscious Mind
FARTING: Releasing domestic Pressures that would go otherwise unmentioned
FLOATING: "Lightening-up" or becoming more carefree
FLYING: Rising above previous limitations; Self-Liberation
LAUGHING: Experiencing RELIEF at the end of a crisis
NAKEDNESS: Self-DISCLOSURE; revealing hidden parts of oneself to others
PREGNANCY: Filled with new Creations; Inspiration at work
RUNNING: Progressing RAPIDLY; a very energetic phase of self-evolution
SEX: see Copulation
SHAVING: Rejuvenation; removing the signs of Time passing; renewal
SHIVERING: in need of COMFORT, one displays a need to be EMBRACED
SNEEZING: rejecting unwanted interpersonal pressures; self-CENTERING
SLEEP: Rebirth; ending old patterns and taking on new ones by dreaming
SWIMMING: Making Progress through the EMOTIONAL CURRENTS of life
URINATING: Releasing SOCIAL PRESSURE and tension; relaxing socially
VOMITING: Rejecting Unpleasantness; un-well input is EXPELLED
WAKING: "Realization;" insight from Dreams, as powerful as a 'shake'
WALKING: Routine Progress; daily living; "getting by" on one's own
WEEPING: Gaining SYMPATHY from Spirit; receiving Magical Help
YELLING: Being IGNORED, one TRIES to get attention, unsuccessfully