TIPHERETH: The Sphere Of Beauty


Identified by Kaballah as "the Sephirah Tiphereth," this Sphere of Aura-energy encompasses the Chest, Breasts, Heart, Arteries, Veins, Arms and Upper Back; any or all of which can become 'sore' or traumatized by a crisis of EMOTIONS and especially THE THINGS AND PEOPLE YOU LOVE. Committment, Faith and THE BEAUTY OF LIFE are the specialties of Tiphereth, and anything that harms THOSE harms the Harmony of your Life.

Some of the things that can do that to you include LOSS OF LOVE from those you are committed-to; LOSS OF FAITH in your own "Example" as a person; and of course LOSS OF YOUTH through the simple process of Aging.. for we NEED to BE and FEEL Beautiful, and (while it IS possible to age beautifully and gladly,) many people go through a Life-Crisis when they first see the bloom of youth beginning to pale into the silver and white of maturity. But no matter what the issue is that brought you here, Kaballah teaches that the real "meaning" of it all is YOUR NEED TO REDISCOVER THE CHILD WITHIN YOU.

Human beings are VERY emotional creatures! We simply MUST be whatever we personally consider 'happy;' or our entire Lifestyle (including our physical health) can deteriorate rather quickly. But what IS "Happiness?" We may go through countless phases in our THINKING about Happiness as the years go by, but in fact there is only one real answer to it: HAPPINESS IS LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE BEAUTY OF THE UNIVERSE, AND LETTING THAT FILL US AS WELL AS EVERYTHING AROUND US.

Unfortunately, we often fail to notice how really beautiful our lives ARE. Wanting ourselves, our loved ones or our world to fit a certain 'ideal Image' that is not based upon Reality, we CAN make ourselves quite miserable and sad. Tiphereth is the place Life brings us to make us FACE THAT, and purge ourselves of those "idealized" ILLUSIONS about Life that are keeping us from seeing again through the eyes of a Child, to whom EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE was lovely, in it's own unique ways. THAT is what you are here to REMEMBER.

Like all Branches of The Tree Of Life, Tiphereth connects us with FOUR LEVELS of the Spiritual Hierarchy or "chain of command." Anytime your search for Holistic Synthesis or Wholeness points to this Sephirah, there is a strong probability that YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THIS CHAIN OF COMMAND IN SOME WAY before your crisis or problem will resolve itself completely. The Four Levels of this Branch Of Life are:


The Physical Level of Hierarchy in all Sephiroth is the same; ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES and/or THE "I CHING" LIFE-CALENDAR. For any event involving this Sephirah that began suddenly and has not diminished since then, the Life-Calendar is probably the source of the influence; you should be able to see the pattern clearly (including when to expect it to end) by reading the Year-Hexagram from that Calendar. Any PROCESS that seems to be EVOLVING into ever-changing forms over a long period of time is probably due to ASTROLOGICAL CHANGES affecting one's place in the world around you, as reflected by Planetary Changes. Note that you will need both a Natal (Birth) Horoscope AND a Transit Chart for the current year, in order to understand these Planetary Cycles. The SUN directly governs this Sephirah in Astrology.


The Science of Tiphereth is called by Metaphysicians "Ritual Magic." Everybody else in the world simply calls it "Play." HAVING FUN ALL BY YOURSELF is the key to the Heart and all of it's treasures.. and we PLAY happily when we ARE happy. What are the Games YOU have always played? Whether it was setting-up lines of little "soldiers" to march across the floor (the "Game" played by natural-born Societal Leaders;) setting-up little 'altars' where you performed 'rites of magic' (the "Game" played by our natural-born Spiritual Teachers;) or serving Tea and Cakes to the residents of the Doll house (the "Game" played by natural-born Intimate Nurturers,) all Games are THE GAME OF LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE HAPPILY.

Finding, rediscovering and updating the "Causal Play" or RITUALS of your childhood is all there is to the Magic of Tiphereth.. for the Games you played while alone with yourself were not 'accidental' but CAUSAL: they caused your adult Lifestyle, entirely. If you have lost touch with your Games and need to Cause your life to get underway again happily, re look the Games you remember from your childhood.. and you should find in them the Rites Of Rebirth. In fact that Play born inside you is "Dharma" or YOUR SERVICE TO SPIRIT. Learn to 'interpret' and 'formalize' that Play into a systematic pattern (while watching the events of your life, as they change in response to your ritual "instructions,") and you will suddenly discover that you are STILL capable of 'magic.' In fact you may find the Magic has GROWN is scope and power, just as you have!

Ritual Magic is the "acting-out" ceremonially and JOYOUSLY of your heart's childlike and simple LONGINGS. It differs from person to person, just as everything else about us does; but for us all it remains PRIVATE, immensely absorbing FUN and (in the last analysis) All THERE IS FOR US TO DO with ourselves.. once everyone else has gone to THEIR rooms too, to Play their OWN private Game of BEING HAPPY.


Most western societies know of the great "Spiritual Intermediaries" who caretake our relationship with the Great Spirit, and refer to them as "Archangels." Asian societies normally call them "Boddhisattvas" and will need to turn to their own cultural traditions for guidance in contacting the right Bodhisattva for their Tiphereth-related problems.. though ANYONE can call upon ANY Spiritual Authority and get useful results. The Archangel of Tiphereth is named "Mikal" (or Michael,) and he connects us with our Creator in the form called "Eloah Va Daath" which is Hebrew for 'Lord Of Knowledge' or UNIVERSAL MIND.

The Angelic Order (or lineage of Devic Spirit-Workers, if you prefer) who serve this Sephirah are called the"MALAKHIM" and they are the best-known of the Angelic Orders, to most of mankind.. though they are usually called 'Guardian Angels.' In fact we DO each have such Guardians accompanying us, though few of us realize that what they Guard is OUR SPIRITUAL BEAUTY AND CHILDLIKE PURITY OF HEART much more than just our bodies or other physical 'props.' When we call upon the Archangel Mikal and his Lord of Knowledge, it is the Malakhim who respond by bringing us REMINDERS OF OUR INNOCENCE. If we have actually lost or forgotten it, they can help us regain it; if we still have it but have lost 'track' of it because of temporary, human self-interest, they may help us DROP those illusions and regain our place in the Beauty of the Heart of Life. Sometimes that requires us to dissolve our illusions in a flood of tears; sometimes in a flood of prayers; sometimes in a single instant of sudden INSPIRATION.. but always in the end, LIKE A CHILD.

Our hearts were designed to SING with, PLAY with, DANCE with and LAUGH with. Whatever it was that brought you here to Tiphereth can be 'cured' as best it SHOULD by Singing, Playing, Dancing and Laughing your way back to simple, childlike HARMONY WITH LIFE. However improbable it may seem to you right now, you eventually WILL drop the sad little Illusions that plague you; and (though nothing can entirely remove the forgiving touch of Wisdom which is called Age) YOUTH WILL AGAIN FILL YOUR HEART. It is only a matter of Time: how LONG will you prevent it from happening?!

To contact the Archangel of Beauty in the most direct way possible, jot-down the names just mentioned and then click-on KABALLAH-CIRCLE RITES where a reliable, long-used Ritual Meditation is listed.. and simply perform it as shown, inserting the proper names where prompted. This will trigger as much immediate Spiritual HELP for your problem or crisis as possible right now.

Repeated contact with this Archangel (asking each time for yet MORE clarity of Understanding and more help with solving the specific details of your crisis or condition) over a period of days or weeks may prove extremely useful.. for you may have SEVERAL Illusions to dissolve, in order to finally end your Tiphereth-related problem.


The "Aspect" or FORM of the Creator contacted at Tiphereth ("Eloah Va Daath" or UNIVERSAL MIND) is the 'protoplasmic mind-substance' out of which all life was derived.. by a process similar to 'cell division' (see METAPHYSICAL IDENTITY for more details.) This 'stuff' certainly IS 'consciousness' itself, and therefore quite "conscious" and intelligent; but it is not exactly 'personality' as we know it. Rather it is "the Gestalt" or 'Great Spirit' of Germanic lore; an INTELLIGENCE which is contained IN EXACTLY THE SAME FORM in every 'mind' within Nature. As such, Eloah Va Daath has no "personality;" only Universal Awareness, and the KNOWLEDGE that the original Lifeform has accumulated since the beginning of time. Hebraic Kaballah compares this Universal Mind to A COMPUTER in function.. for it DOES 'run' constantly, and constantly responds to everything we think and feel BY "ANSWERING" EVERY PERSONAL IDEA AND FEELING WITH A UNIVERSAL TRUTH that explains the topic in question FROM AN ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE.

This "Universal Mind-Machine" function of the Gestalt is called 'Buddha-Mind' by Buddhists; TAO by Taoists; Brahman by Hindus; and The Holy Spirit by Christians. All spiritual philosophies know of it and rely upon it, yet nobody has ever yet succeeded in 'controling' it.. for Universal Mind has NO PERSONALITY within it, and is therefore absolutely beyond our ability to manipulate. The best we can do with it is LISTEN to it's 'still and quiet voice' calmly answering our thoughts and feelings from a secret depth within us. Sometimes we call it our "Conscience" (Sigmund Freud named it 'Super-Ego' and defined it as the source of our Conscience and Ethical Urge;) but most of the time WE THINK IT IS OURSELF! That is because it IS our own (and everybody ELSE'S) 'protoplasmic essence' of Self. And yet it IS also "God" in one of his forms, and we can contact him any time we wish through the practice of Meditation. Eloah Va Daath dwells within our SILENCE-OF-SELF, the absence of 'personality' which we can enter through any of the many techniques for stilling the mind and setting-aside our personality-life long enough to hear that 'still and quiet voice' calmly guiding us from Within.

Meditation or Silence-Of-Mind is simply focusing one's awareness on the protoplasmic essence rather than the 'Identity-strands' which form our 'personality-mind;' and there are so many forms of Meditation readily available to anyone who needs them that we will not even bother with a partial list; you can find dozens of Meditation Teachers in the Yellow Pages! But you can ALSO find Eloah Va Daath directly anytime you want, by simply getting STILL and LISTENING. What you will hear is, for every Thought or Feeling, the "KARMIC" Response that your thought or feeling implies. In case you do not yet know about it, "Karma" means 'the Equal and BALANCED Reaction to every action;' by which every Action has either a 'positive' (meaning HAPPY and WELL) result, OR a 'negative' (meaning UN-happy and UN-well) result. It is the eternal task of Eloah Va Daath to 'echo' into every Self THE SAME UNIVERSAL LAWS in response to everything we do, think and feel. Kaballah calls this 'our Spirit Teacher,' and advises us to rely upon Eloah Va Daath for everything we need in the way of Guidance.

In addition to our own inner Conscience, Eloah Va Daath also speaks through all 'random-number-generated' DIVINATORY SYSTEMS; the "I Ching" (YE JINN) or Imperial Oracle of China, the TAROT, Astrology and dozens of other traditional Divining Tools developed by societies from the world over. Anytime we wish to hear his calm, truly "impersonal" KNOWLEDGE and Guidance, it is there for us. All you have to do to hear it is WANT TO KNOW what Truth has to say.

Called RA (or Re, the Sun God) in the ancient Egyptian "paut Neteru" or Great Company of the Gods.. and considered the god of "incarnation" who is the in-dwelling Spirit within every Soul.. the God-Aspect of Tiphereth has always been associated with Personal Identity. You may think of Ra/Eloah Va Daath as UNIVERSAL SPIRIT 'cut-down' to fit your OWN Nature.. just as all biological Life truly IS an embodiment of the Light of the Sun. Ra does indeed live in all things!