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One's personal "IDENTITY" is composed of TWO basic types of 'stuff;' 1) "UNIVERSAL MIND" which is the common 'plasma' forming SENTIENT INTELLIGENCE itself; and 2) a set of INSTINCTIVE FORCES forming the basic drives and skills of INDIVIDUALITY.. which may be viewed as the 'nucleus' of Self, to which Universal Mind is it's protoplasmic 'body.'

The first step in Holistic ANALYSIS is to arrive at an overview of the individual's "NUCLEUS" of Individuality-Forces, in order to determine whether the individual is accurately living their Metaphysical Nature.


The 'Chromatic Ray' Identity-Force:

The first of these equally-powerful 'strands' of Personal-Identity 'stuff' in one's Self-nucleus is a Force identified by all Metaphysical traditions as 'The Seven Rays.' The Seven Rays of the Chromatic Scale and Chakra-vitalization in Yoga follow the fixed cycle identified below. Whichever Ray was 'in force' AT THE TIME OF YOUR CONCEPTION (rather than your birth) identifies your Ray-Identity Force.

Notes on the ID: the Unconscious Mind contains 'Dreamland' and the Symbol-filled part of the Psyche or Self which responds to our NEEDS by surfacing the appropriate SYMBOL to help us understand and fulfill our needs. It is called 'unconscious' only to distinguish it from our 'normal, waking' mind; though we can 'know' it quite well, with effort.. especially by observing and carefully analyzing our Dreams, Fantasies and other Symbolic Processes.

The Ray-Identity "strand" bestows our basic 'Primal' Drives; and is closely-tied to our Id-governing (Shadow) Phase of life.. during which we learn how to "get through life" without too many problems with our Id-based unconscious drives and inner conflicts. To look-up and interpret Ray-specialization..


The 'Family-Standing' Identity-Force:

The next, equally-significant 'strand' of Personal-Identity 'stuff' in one's Self-nucleus is YOUR 'STANDING' OR PLACE WITHIN THE COSMIC "FAMILY" OF SPIRITS.. which is identical to your standing in the human family you were born into. Use the list below (taken from the 'child trigrams' of I Ching, the ancient Chinese Classic On Change) to help identify the individual's 'Spirit-Family Status.'

Notes on the LIBIDO: that portion of Psyche or the Self which is our most lasting or 'eternal' PACKAGE of "Personality" is called the Libido, and referred-to by psychoanalysis as the "reservoir" of all of our Psychic Forces. Metaphysics calls Libido "The Light-Body" and describes it as comparable to our Soul's "atomic structure".. a pattern of Light-forms that can be glimpsed within the human Aura, housing in color-coded bands, lines and spheres OUR ORIGINAL "PROGRAMMED-IN" PERSONALITY given us by our Maker when we were first created as individual Souls. This Light-Body operates automatically; attracting us to the people, places and things that our in-born "program" needs for our fulfillment in life. Among those basic NEEDS are sexuality and our 'Cravings' for personal Success as ESSENTIAL GRATIFICATIONS that we must have in order to be fulfilled and happy. As such, the Libido is called "Psycho-Sexual" or 'Soul-Pleasure' motivations.. and our unique individual Libidinal Drives are the source of our most potent Lifestyle and Behavior patterns.

This "strand" of Identity-stuff bestows on us a specific "status" and RELATIONSHIP-specialization; and is closely tied to the Libido (Anima-Animus) Phase of life.. during which we learn to safely "obey" and channel our Libido within every part of our world (from Dreams to Daily Living.) To learn how to identify and interpret this force..


The 'Spirit-Zodiac' Identity-Force:

Another equally-important 'strand' of Personal-Identity 'stuff' in one's Self-nucleus is ONE OF THE SIXTY SEGMENTS OF THE CHINESE "ANIMAL ZODIAC".. which is not 'astrology' but a simple Solar Energy Cycle discovered ages ago in China. Whatever 'Sign' within this Cycle was in force at the time of your birth 'reflects' or 'mirrors' your PERSONALITY and it's motivations.

Notes on the EGO and the SELF: as part of the Libido's "eternal" Package of Personality motivations, we each go through TWO PHASES OF LIBIDO-INTEGRATION; one that surfaces during our early development (from birth until about thirty years of age in general;) and a second Phase that 'kicks-in' around thirty and lasts for the rest of our lives. The first, youthful Phase is called the Freudian EGO, and is recognized by Metaphysics as composed entirely of our Natal Astrology Chart.. a sort of 'auto-pilot identity' which helps us survive youth and learn basic vocation skills and sexuality patterns. The second and most lasting Phase is called THE SELF PHASE in Jungian analysis, and bestows most of our non-sexual "personality" and LIFESTYLE.. which we only learn of AFTER we have 'made peace' with our Egoic, sexually-motivated patterns. The SELF is thus what the EGO 'grows up' to become.

The Spirit-Zodiac "strand" of Identity bestows our basic ADULT PERSONALITY and 'style' of self-expression, once we have outgrown the Egotism of our youth. To learn how to use the Spirit Zodiac to find your place within this very important Solar Energy Cycle..


The 'Psycho-Mathematic' Identity-Force:

The final, equally-significant 'strand' of Personal-Identity 'stuff' in one's Self-nucleus is a Force isolated by Pythagoras of Samos (600 BCE) who stated that 'GOD IS NUMBER.' He developed the Science of NUMEROLOGY (or 'Theoretic Arithemic') by which to identify this Force in any individual.

Notes on the SUPER-EGO or GOD-SELF: that portion of the Psyche or Self which connects us with Ethics, Conscience and Spirituality is called the Super-Ego or God-Self.. and it is the one part of Psyche which must govern and control all lower parts of us, in order to produce a genuinely 'wise' and Spiritual nature. Without integrating the God-Self, we may be 'adult' but certainly not Spiritually MATURE.

The Psycho-Mathematic "strand" of Identity bestows A "LIFE-PATH" on us each; one of a dozen or so major 'approaches' to living, that lend us a life-long focus of interest and "LIFE-STORY" as a person; and is a direct link to our Super-Ego/Godself development in life. To learn how to locate and interpret Life-Path Numbers, click on..


Technical Details on 'Incarnation'

It should be repeated that THE FOUR BASIC FORCES LISTED ABOVE (while automatic parts of oneself at all times) ARE INTERCHANGEABLE. Just as our Spirit-ancestor did in creating us, we are capable of a form of 'simple cell division' called "INCARNATION." In this process, however, we do not actually 'split into two seperate selves' as our Spirit-ancestor did, but rather we 'split' into our Spirit-Self (still on the Metaphysical Plane of Being, sometimes visible as our Aura or LIGHT-BODY) and an INCARNATE SELF which is born as a human being on the material plane of reality.

Absolutely ALL Metaphysically-sighted, enlightened societies in our history have recognized REINCARNATION as a fact of life. If you personally have difficulty with that, let us suggest that you have probably been given that attitude by a western creed which denies the very possibility of Reincarnation. Christianity is at the head of that list.. though ONLY SINCE THE COUNCIL OF NICEA; for it is a known fact that one of the already-existing tenets of Christian Teachings in 300 AD was the acceptance that "you must be born again" MEANT REINCARNATION and nothing more. At the insistence of a few of the European Bishops at the Council of Nicea, the recognition of Reincarnation was DELETED from the already-existing (original) texts of the Christian scriptures.. and THAT is the only reason modern westerners are unable to cope with the idea of Reincarnation, if they are. To all non-doctrinal (or NATURAL) philosophies of Spirit, Reincarnation is a SEEN and accepted fact.. even accepted by many within the scientific community as well. To learn how to surface the Memories of these "Past Lives" or 'self-stories,' click-on PAST LIFE REGRESSION. This Meditative proceedure requires three people, to perform effectively; for it involves a bit of massage and guided imagery.

As we undergo Incarnation as a human being, the Four Forces mentioned above each take whatever physical form is possible at that time on earth. Thus, the Force called 'Family Status' in one Incarnation MAY Incarnate as our Year-Sign in another life. This may seem to make us a quite different person, but in fact it does not.. for the Forces are STILL part of us, though temporarily recombined for the purpose of Incarnation. Thus, though we call these Self-Forces 'identified as' the Ray, Year, Number and Family Status of one's Incarnation, THEY MAY NOT ALWAYS BE IN THAT SPECIFIC ARRANGEMENT 'from Life to Life' or from Incarnate to Disincarnate Being.

It should also be mentioned that mankind is NOT the only Reincarnating Soul-type on our planet. All of the lives within Nature are ALSO valuable to the Spirit, and have their own process of Evolution into higher and higher Incarnate Form. If you wish to learn more on the life-evolution of the Higher Animals, click-on ANIMAL SOULS within human society.

It is important to remember that the methods listed above for identifying the Self-Identity Forces of individuals actually depict METAPHYSICAL FORCES, and NOT the numbers, rays, signs and family relationships that merely 'reflect' or SYMBOLIZE them here on earth.

Incarnate Experiences

The four Forces listed above (plus the Universal Mind-protoplasma which surrounds them in our Soul-Nature) are the only 'permanent' parts of Self known thus far to Metaphysics. However, as we Incarnate in human form, we must enter into the greater Life of the world we are born into; and for that reason we Incarnate with a "Life Story" described by the Metaphysical Science of ASTROLOGY. By this science we can track every purely 'human' (and therefore temporary) trait and circumstance of the Incarnate lifetime.

Once you understand the "Cosmic" or Soul-deep Identity of the individual (and have determined by conversation whether or not they are 'living' that fully) you can proceed on to the section called 'Physical Analysis,' and find any 'passing' temporary influences that may be occuring as a result of Astrological Cycles.

It is also usually a good idea to review the 'Mental Analysis' section too, and see if the developmental cycles listed there might be involved in the 'problem' or area of concern.



While one's Spiritual Identity CAN at times be glimpsed as a set of symbols in our dreams as well as 'visionary' experiences (see Mental/Emotional Analysis for details,) most of the time we FEEL those forces internally, rather than seeing them. When we DO 'see things' we are usually glimpsing one or more of the Metaphysical Objects listed below. THESE ARE SIMPLY "THINGS!," and should not cause us any concern.. though they CAN scare us, when seen for the first time. Scroll through the list until you come to the Metaphysical Object that concerns you.


The easiest of all Metaphysical Objects for the human eye to notice are 'halo' or Auric LIGHTS around the body. The Aura is simply our personal 'Aurora Borealis' (the Northern Lights) which is an Electro-Magnetic ENERGY-FIELD entering and leaving the Earth's 'body' from the Sun. Exactly the same thing happens to US: we receive 'Cosmic Energy' into ourselves via the LIGHT BODY which encloses us.. and this living Light both nourishes us physically AND connects us to the Cosmic Life we are part of. It is through the Aura that our Cosmic Parent sends us new inspiration, lessons to be learned and blessings in response to our needs and prayers.

The Aura is composed of many Layers or bands of colored Light, surrounding us like the layers of an onion. Each layer nourishes a specific part of ourselves, and is connected to one of the Vital Chakras (or Life-Energy-Centers) known to Yoga.. and the Chakra literally 'digests' the Light coming to it from the band of the Aura which 'feeds' it. Seeing one or more band of colored Light around the body of yourself or another person (or even an OBJECT!, for many objects have a spiritual 'energy' living in them) is a fairly common experience. To learn how to interpret what you have seen, you will need to click-on THE NATURAL WORLD and look-up the specific colors, shapes or other symbols you happened to glimpse in the Auric Light. But the most important thing to DO about the Aura is just LET IT DO IT'S OWN THING. It is simply your Metaphysical "Battery," and that is all.


Although more often 'thought' than seen with the eyes, another class of Metaphysical Objects are literally IDEAS and EMOTIONS which have been built-up and so energized by some human mind as to become quite vivid and powerful-enough to impress themselves upon the mind and eye. Thought-Forms can range from the silly to the shocking; for after all, what has NOT been brooded-upon for hours by SOMEONE in your vicinity?! Every such 'intensified thought' becomes a sort of free-floating Idea-Picture which can float around 'occuring' to people for months or even years. The Metaphysical Lore of our species contains almost countless examples of Thought-Forms and their effects on people; from the incubus or sexual-passion Thought-Form sent out by someone who 'has the hots' for you but is not saying that out-loud (which can enter one's dreams and thoughts as a sudden and almost tangible presence full of quite explicit sexual promptings;) to most of the typical 'imps' and 'demons' of folklore, which are really just somebody else's mean-spirited WISHES that that have been so brooded-over as to gain almost physical density, all such Thought-Forms are easily mistaken for 'the real thing' instead of what they really ARE (just IDEAS taken shape and fed by somebody's Id-forces or Libidinal 'charge.')

Thought-Forms can be dispelled by anyone who wishes to! All it takes is to allow them to influence the mind long-enough to "fulfill" themselves by FINALLY being 'received' by someone. You do NOT have to agreee with them or act-upon them; merely let them 'occur' to your mind, see them as a story wanting RECOGNIZED, let them play themselves-out and get their message COMPLETED.. and they will have been discharged of their energy, and VANISH.

One of the most important effects of seeing a Thought-Form is the realization that Oh, MY: I AM PROBABLY CREATING THESE THINGS MYSELF PRETTY OFTEN! Well, don't be embarrassed!.. everybody does it. Since our minds ARE capable of creating and sending-out these little 'packets of passion,' why not do so CONSCIOUSLY? All it takes is a focused concentration, and a careful, passionate repeating of a certain idea (let me suggest 'Blessings' of any type you KNOW to be needed by someone, but who cannot accept those from you consciously;) and send the IDEA off for them to receive in their thoughts or dreams. This careful, deliberate use of Thought-Forms is both wise and helpful.. which is the only antidote to their UN-wise and disturbing use by unconscious people. In the long run, Thought-Forms are an advanced form of Telepathy with many possible good uses.


"Unidentified Flying Objects" have been with us literally FOREVER; you can find them painted on cave walls from the earliest of times.. and very little has changed in our perception of them since, though our words ABOUT them have altered very much indeed. Anciently such inexplicable Lights were all considered to be "Devas" or Nature Spirits akin to the "gods," and contact with them was considered something of a blessing. Virtually all ancient cultures claimed contact with beings who travel about inside a 'shining egg' and most religions owe much of their inspiration to such Devic Contact. Click-on FURTHER DATA for details about a number of types of these Devic or 'angelic' beings long-known to human society.

What it MEANS about an individual to have seen such a Visitor is simply that THEY HAVE THE METAPHYSICAL CLAIRVOYANT LOBE OF THEIR BRAIN OPEN FOR BUSINESS. There is nothing at all un-natural OR 'science-fictional' about the experience; though how one 'explains' the experience to oneself can range from the silly to the psychotic. Let us suggest that the ancient science of Kaballah offers the best verifiably-accurate guide to this entire class of experiences. In the traditional lore of Kaballah one will quickly learn that "Little Greys" are NOT abduction-prone aliens out to steal your baby but "the Aishim" or the Angelic Order responsible for supervising human Fertility (which is why their 'abductees' are ALWAYS examined for their sexual functionality and state of fertility.) Each of the other 'alien races' reported in the current popular press are likewise known to Kaballists.. and are simply OTHER Metaphysical Beings native to our own amazingly ALIVE World.

For most people, the one Order or 'race' of "UFO's" that we really need to know about are called 'the Beni-Elohim,' which are identified by Kaballah as ONE'S OWN "STAR-TRAVELING" SPIRIT.. which takes the form of an 'alien' but normally quite human Visitor who reconnects the individual to their own 'divine' (or Heavenly.. therefore 'extraterrestial') beginnings and destiny. Normally DREAMED and/or glimpsed in vivid fantasies, one's personal Beni-Elohim is a natural part of EACH OF US, and it is only those who insist on making that 'come true PHYSICALLY' as a UFO 'abduction' are mishandling their soul-memories. Remembering and enjoying the memory that we are NOT really 'native' to Earth (but originated in "Heaven" among the stars) helps us reconnect with our SOUL-nature. Period! So, why not ENJOY the process as healthy and good for us?!


Though they may not be seen by as many people as UFO's are, the Ghost-world is certainly more familiar ground for most people's minds to dwell-on; there is not a society or community (or even a family!,) on earth that has not been touched by Ghost Stories. Some cultures have a horrific FEAR of Ghosts; others tolerate them as easily as they do the neighborhood dogs.. but everybody knows they are POSSIBLE and hopes they are not around tonight! But what IS a Ghost that we should fear it?

Unlike the living Spirit (which we will cover next) the Ghost or Shade (Ka in Egyptian) is simply a VISIBLE MEMORY of a once-living person. All Metaphysical Traditions agree that there is nobody 'home' in a Ghostly Apparition; like the image of a long-dead movie star still playing at the neighborhood theatre, a ghost is simply a semi-transparent Light-Form going about the business of it's former life.. though it IS a Metaphysical Object and therefore emits a cold, tingling energy that can temporarily affect the body enough to seem 'physical.'

The Metaphysical term for the 'stuff' a Ghost is made of is 'Etheric Energy.' The Etheric Sheath of the Aura does not leave the earth with us when we die; being too material or biologically-bonded, it remains behind, replaying the habits, patterns and strongest memories (pleasant OR otherwise) that it contains. "Hauntings" are Ghost-forms replaying unpleasant events.. (and those are fairly rare fortunately.) Most Ghostly Apparitions are of ordinary, peaceful things such as an old man playing with his favorite dog, or a woman STILL cooking dinner for a family she loved centuries gone by.

Etheric Energy is NOT immortal; in fact it normally 'biodegrades' over the space of a couple of years time after the Spirit has departed from within it.. though extreme trauma CAN make it so strongly-energized as to survive for many centuries. Techniques DO exist for dispelling the remaining 'charge' of energy in a Ghostly Apparition (and Ghost-Busters STILL do a thriving business, and probably always will.) In addition to remembering that MEMORIES CANNOT HURT YOU, and Ghosts are perfectly harmless except to your nerves!.. the only thing to keep in mind about Ghosts is that THEY CAN TRIGGER THE RELEASE OF "PSYCHOKINETIC ENERGY" from one's own Unconscious Mind. This energy is quite capable of causing physical effects ranging from "Poltergeist Manifestations" which can move physical objects around and even cause spontaneous injuries to occur to the body of extremely susceptible people (especially children around the age of puberty;) or even to the extreme possibility called 'posession'.. which is simply a susceptible (usually YOUNG and religiously-traumatized) mind 'acting-out' the Ghost-Memories around them, because they do not yet know the difference between their own mind and other strong influences that might CROSS their mind.

Anyone having any form of physical, emotional or behavioral problems related to Ghostly Apparitions in their vicinity needs the help of a competent Parapsychologist.. whose training specializes in dealing with this Ghost-to-human Interface.. though psychological counseling is quite advisable as well, for anyone having trouble coping with The Other Side of life.


All cultures in history have recorded instances of 'Spirit Visitations.' Whether the disincarnate spirits of deceased relatives who appear to someone, calling them by name and obviously both 'alive' and coherent; or a similar visitation by a 'spirit guide' or even an historical figure from the past; such events are characterized by a vastly different sensation and effect than any 'ghostly apparition.' Typically such Spirit Visitors are not 'pale, ghostly images' but merely semi-transparent forms of obviously 'real' persons who happen to be less-than-physical. One MAY (if easily startled) be frightened by such a contact.. but that fright is not induced by any of the icy, paralyzing effects typical of a 'ghost.'

Spirits are simply PEOPLE traveling-around without their 'body' on! It may shock one to realize that the Spirit IS capable of life beyond the body.. but that is a good thing to learn, anyway; and once you get over the amazement of it, there is nothing automatically strange about it. Not everyone, of course, can see Spirit Beings; that is a matter of 'attunement' to the vibratory level on which they exist. If you are prone to seeing Spirit-forms, they will normally occur (at least initially) as "pillars of light" of various colors (the Aura of a Spirit is every bit as vivid as that of an embodied person;) and these may be observed moving around the room, sitting or standing near those they have come to contact.

The vast majority of Spirit-visitations reported through time have been from either departed relatives, merely checking-in to say Hello; or Spirit Guides (comparable to the 'guardian angels' of western tradition, though HUMAN rather than Angelic in nature) who accompany us each through life as at least occasional 'helpers' in our lives. Spirit Guides may be of any cultural background or human type (Spiritualism recognizes a number of 'types' of Guides who specialize in certain helpful roles for others, in-between their own lives, including Native American "Wisdom Teachers," Oriental 'Guides" practicing the skills of a guru, and Spiritual Healers who are often former medical doctors apparently doing Graduate Work!) All of these one will either SEE or NOT SEE, depending on your 'attunement' to them. But they are all there to HELP; the idea of 'bad spirits' is bluntly a psychological matter due to unresolved problems in one's relationship with the Id, Libido or God-Self.

The usual way of relating with Spirit Visitors when their Light-Forms are sighted is to simply send them a mental Hello.. and go on with one's life. If you later find yourself thinking-about or 'imagining' a person of a particular type saying or doing something in particular, then you can note that and be glad for the insight; but most of the time the Visitor is there to work with the Soul rather than the conscious mind of those they are visiting. It is common for the real meaning of the visit to emerge from Dreams after the visitation. Such Spirit Guides are generally people whom one has helped in some other part of Time.. and who are merely returning the kindness by being helpful to you, now.

In summary, Spirits are People too.. though they have the great advantage of not having a human ego to get in the way of their friendly service to the living. If you see one, it is because they dropped-by to be helpful in some way. Say Hi, Thank You and Goodbye!


The final major category of Metaphysical "object" we need to discuss is in many ways the most 'sensational' of them all.. yet every bit as 'natural' as anything ELSE in human life: GOD and all of the many creatures who serve God. While many religions claim to have the 'inside story' on God and his only 'real' message to us, Metaphysically-sighted people all over the world actually SEE, HEAR and RELATE with our Maker as easily as you do with your next-door neighbors. All it takes is having your Right (Clairvoyant Intuitive) Lobe of the brain 'turned on' and properly trained.. and you, too can begin to know God and his household-staff.

As for "theology" or religious Doctrines, you may want to drop those off somewhere when you are out taking a walk in the woods; you will not need any of that stuff in relating with Spirit (in fact, it will get in the way of accurate relating.) After all, what would you really have to "believe" about God, if you could see and hear him?! The opposite of Religious Belief is MYSTICISM.. the direct RELATING with Spirit; and THAT is what it takes to deal with any actual Visionary experience.

As for what "God" may look like or say to you, that depends on which of his many, many IMAGES you happen to need to see him in at the moment. If you are a Judeo-Christian by background, you probably have read the story of how God said "Let us make man in our Image?" Well, the OUR in that line refers to the fact that the single God has many IMAGES: Kaballah recognizes TEN of them as part of it's "pantheon" or God-spectrum. The ancient Greeks recognized TWELVE "gods" of Olympus, plus many more who specialized in some minor function of Spirituality. India is called the Land Of Ten MILLION Gods. Simply put; What You NEED Is What You GET: God has an "Image" for every occasion.

The deliberate cultivation of God-contact.. Mystical Science.. recognizes Meditation and Prayer as useful beginning-places for most people; though advanced techniques for letting Spirit know that you are ready and interested in relating are also considered necessary. Kaballah is the Mystical Practice of cultivating God-contact from within Judeo-Christian culture; Raja ("Royal" or DIVINE) Yoga does the same for Hinduism; and Buddhists have their own forms of Mystical Science. If you wish to develop a close relationship with God, you will need to choose a Path of God-contact and stick with it.. elbow grease is necessary in THIS job too! You may need to study a number of Paths, also; for almost no cultural tradition covers the whole Spectrum of Spirit in-depth.

The "Household Staff"

The "hierarchy" or Chain Of Command within the spiritual universe includes the one God in his many Images; a sizeable number of 'Captains' called Archangels in the west and Boddhisattvas in Asia, each heading a lineage or Order of "Angels" or Devas, Nature Spirits, Kachinas or whatever your culture calls them. Every society has it's own Mystical Societies teaching techniques for contacting these beings.. and just about the only general Rule all Mystics agree upon is that the student must EARN access to Heaven through self-GROWTH; getting over the personal ideas, practices and (above all else) OPINIONS that seperate us from our Spirit Family. That does NOT mean that you have to quit smoking, stop having sex in your favorite ways or do God any OTHER un-natural "favors:" all it means is redirecting your life away from purely HUMAN psychology (called 'Maia' or Spiritual Ignorance in Asia) and INTO Spiritual psychology.. called 'Dharma' or "the Good Law" is Asian Metaphysics. That Law can be summed-up as LIVING BY BLESSING RATHER THAN SELFISHNESS, and it is not at all hard to do!

Anyone already blessed by God-contact still needs a systematic Mystical Path within which to continue cultivating their own Self-Growth within the Good Law. Trying to live 'with God' but WITHOUT the rest of his Household (including the rest of humanity) is STILL self-centered and capable of self-deception.. so the real trick to Mystical Living is FINDING THE RIGHT PATH for your own study. If you are interested in the Path of Kaballah, click-on THE HOLY KABALLAH and you will find our currently-available Mystical Path Teachings.