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One of the most frequently-argued topics of the 20th Century is the subject of "UFO'S." Carl G. Jung expressed the opinion that these 'visitations' are psychic events resulting from sociological "alienation" perhaps triggered by the Bomb Scare of the Cold War period. While he did not actually identify them as one of his famous 'Archetypes,' he hinted at their origin in the Collective Psyche of our species, and implied that UFO's may be 'signs' of our collective evolution. Other opinions have ranged from flat-out denial of the entire phenomenon, to assertions of "hardware contact" with space-traveling Aliens. Anyone claiming to have a 'final answer' to this question puts their reputation on the line, and may be proven inaccurate a day or a century later. In the following article we condense for your information some of the traditional Lore of KABALLISTS.. a long-established group of mystical philosophers originating among the Hebrew people.. Lore which both agrees with Jung's intuitions on the subject, and places UFO's (or at least SOME of them) in a context that makes them even more important than many have previously thought. We provide this information not because we consider it the ONLY possible explanation of these remarkable occurences, but simply because we have EXPERIENCED this explanation as accurate in our own lives. If the reader wishes to explore the possibilities presented here, as personal experiences of your own, Kaballists and Kaballistic literature abound worldwide.. including our own Order, which publishes "THE SHINING TREE Self-Work-Book" which provides a basic working methodology for contacting each of the "life-forms" we describe here. Meanwhile, YOU must decide for yourself (hopefully, based on actual experience rather than mere opinions,) about how to view this controversial topic.

Devas, Kachinas, Elves, Gods, "Aliens" or..


While we translate it by using the originally GREEK work 'Angel,' the original Hebrew word for this class of normally-invisible 'entities' is "Malach," a word denoting a 'Messenger' or "secret Agent" if you prefer that notion, and it implies that they are 'sent on missions' by the Whole within which our individual Selves exist.. a Whole that is considered both physical, spiritual, 'magical' and organic all at the same time. The Malachim are recognized as INNATE PARTS OF OUR INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE PSYCHES.. virtually automatic parts of EVERY Self and Society worldwide.. coming in no less than TEN 'Orders' or 'species,' each of which has a distinct nature, function and effect on the human observer lucky enough to have contact with them in the waking world. These "entities" are considered CULTURALLY ADAPTABLE, able to take whatever form is needed (or perhaps 'expected') within one's society. According to Kaballah (the 'recieved Teaching' or MYSTICAL SCIENCE of the Hebrews, as compared with the 'unique Revelation' of the Hebrew religion, from which it should be CLEARLY differentiated,) each of these ten 'Angelic Orders' mingle with us quite freely in our dreams and other 'spirit-world experiences.' Kaballists recognize the Ten Orders and their built-in 'hierarchy' as EVERY 'pantheon' in human history.. from the "gods" of Olympus to the Devas long revered as Nature Spirits is Asia and the Kachinas and other tribal 'dieties' of native societies (many of which are currently being discussed in the UFO press as possible 'Alien contacts.') Kaballah is the thousands-of-years-old Methodology for contacting these entities and enlisting their help in our own lives. We will list the most commonly-encountered of these entities, and provide a brief summary of their natures, as well as drawing comparisons between them and certain classes of "UFO" contacts.


The class of entities closest to our idea of physicality.. and therefore the most likely to be glimpsed by human beings in a slightly altered state of consciousness.. are called "Kerub" (or Kerubim, if plural.) These are described in Kaballist literature as a composite creature made-up of parts of the 'Four Sacred Animals;' the Ox, Lion, Eagle and Man.. though they are frequently "seen" psychically as spheres (or "wheels within wheels") filled with EYES. Sometimes WINGS are seen moving around the spheric form, and the function of this class of entities is PHYSICAL MATERIALIZATION OF LIFE-SUPPORT. It is said to have been Kerubim who materialized the "manna" needed by the Hebrews in their desert-wanderings; and it was a Kerubic visitation that is described in the vision of Ezikiel, which many UFO devotees (including Erik Von Danikien) have attempted to call a 'hardware UFO contact and Abduction." Kaballists routinely "summon" these entities by invoking the help of their "leader" who is called 'the Archangel Sandalphon.' Each of the Ten Orders of 'angels' is supervised by such a "Leader," who is perceived as being TALLER than their 'assistants' (a detail reported by most "contactees") and are traditionally considered the most 'communication-prone' or language-using members of their Lineage. Since the basic function of this group of entities is physical survival-needs, most Kerubic 'contactees' report some form of sudden 'change of fortunes' after the contact.. sometimes resembling a 'miracle,' though Kaballists simply call such improvements the natural effect of enlisting the help of this type of entity. While this Survival-assistance is the actual functional WORK of the Kerubim, the end-result is actually SPIRITUAL PATH-FINDING.. for virtually all Kerubim-contactees develop a profound sense of spirituality as part of their lives following their contact (as in the case of one American Astronaut who experienced a near-fly-by from a "UFO.") The Archangel Sandalphon is traditionally called 'the Path-walking Guide' responsible for putting ones feet on a solid spiritual footing, by providing 'proof' that one is well-caretaken by the spiritual 'hierarchy' which these entities serve.


While the Kerubim were the most frequently-sighted of the Ten Orders in ancient times (no doubt due to the tremendous survival-crises typical of primitive societies living rather 'hand-to-mouth') the next lineage up on the 'density'scale' of Kaballah is currently the most widely-reported type of contact. This type of entity is called an "aish" (or "Aishim, if plural) which means something comparable to 'Sexual Archetype.' This class of entities are described as 'fiery' or GLOWING in appearance.. in other words, they are seen as strange Lights in the sky; but closer contact can lend them human-ish though diminutive shape.. and traditional Kaballah associates them with HUMAN SEXUALITY AND REPRODUCTIVE POTENTIAL. If you have read any of the vast number of accounts of 'the Little Greys' in recent UFO literature, you will quickly recognize the similarity between the Aishim and that class of 'aliens' who first appear as glowing lights in the sky, and then 'abduct' human beings to examine them for SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE POTENTIAL. A deep analysis of the sexuality of "Little Grey contactees" would be needed before any actual 'proof' could be claimed of this, but it is extremely probable that some sexual or reproductive problem (or unexplored but significant potential) underlies all Little Grey contacts. The ability to experience a happy and 'productive' sexuality is the specific focus of the Aishim, according to Kaballist lore; that much cannot be argued. But whether the Little Greys and the Aishim are one and the same, we leave to the individual to decide (or prove!,) for themselves. Kaballists call upon this Order by invoking their "Leader" who is called the Archangel Gabriel; the hierarch of BIRTH and REBIRTH.


Perhaps the second-most-common form of UFO 'abduction' currently reported, involves a type of contact in which the abductee is told that they themself are an 'alien.' Such contactees are often shown 'star-maps,' records or computer-files which document their "special relationship" or kindredness to the aliens.. and then told that they must return to the ordinary human world to 'make ready' for the UFO-people to appear on earth and solve the world's problems. Countless books on "channeling" have been written over the past decades, expressing such contacts (whether claimed to be 'physical' or merely 'a psychic contact.') Interestingly enough, the third-most-physical Order known to Kaballah are called 'the Beni-Elohim'.. a phrase which means "Sons (or Children) of the gods." According to Kaballist legends (found even in the recently-unearthed Sumerian tablets in the library of Ashurburnipal) mankind was long-ago contacted by a group of beings who altered our genetic makeup BY INTERBREEDING WITH US. In Hebrew legends, this is remembered in the Biblical statement 'and the angels looked upon the daughters of man and found them comely, and they took them unto wife and children were born of them; and there were giants upon the earth." The beings called 'angels' in that passage are 'the Beni-Elohim' and it is both orthodox Judaism and traditional Kaballah to call them 'ancestral' to some (if not all) ancient races of mankind. Interestingly, Kaballah considers it necessary for the developing Adept to meet their own 'inner' Beni-Elohim, and learn one's personal relation to them.. in order to rediscover one's "Cosmic Identity" and spiritual potential as a being. This is accomplished by invoking the Leader of the Beni-Elohim, the Archangel Raphael. Ancient Egyptians also knew of this Order of beings, and called Raphael "Thoth, the Master of True Knowledge." Countless tablets existed in antiquity, holding ancient versions of the same 'channeling' that fills today's New Age libraries.. all products of Beni-Elohim contact. And the 'making-ready for the space-brothers' return?,' the end result of Beni-Elohim contact in Kaballah is KNOWING ONE'S OWN DESTINED WORK IN THE COSMOS.. in short, learning how to 'solve all of the world's problems' ONESELF.


The last on the Angelic Orders we will describe at length here are called 'ELOHIM' who are considered the 'parents' of the 'Beni-Elohim' just mentioned. Not only does this make the Elohim 'God' (Elohim is one of two forms of God-name used in the Hebrew scriptures, along with the famous "Tetragrammaton" YHWH,) it also implies the act of Divine Creating. Kaballah calls the Elohim 'the God-makers' because it is the function of this class of entities of help the evolving Adept to form their own 'image' or personalized VISION of divinity, by which personal contact with God may occur. If this strikes you as odd, recall that the original Creator (to Hebrews) is both invisible and un-fathomable; we can 'know' the Whole only by forming a 'fathomable and knowable' LINK that the Whole can use in communicating with us (for, as the famous Holistic Premise of logic tells us, "the Whole is greater than the sum of it's Parts".. in other words, no individual can really 'hold' all that the Whole could impart to it.) The Elohim are the entities who perform this task of helping us fashion an Image by which we can know the Universal while still finite, ourselves. Typically the Elohim appear (to the few who ever do see them) as "celestial" beings.. either winged (the typical Angelic form of classical artist's conception) or surrounded by a halo or aura of light which explains to our eye that here is someone 'from Heaven.' It is the Lore of Kaballah that every such contact leads to a "new" or PERSONALIZED Revelation from God. It was such a vision that lead to the formation of groups as diverse as Judaism and the Mormon Church. The actual function of the Elohim being to produce a 'safe' and WORKABLE Image of the divine, it is considered essential by Kaballah that each Adept should meet the Elohim and receive from them a 'new Revelation' that will provide direct spiritual blessing on one's life. All of this should be familiar to anyone who has read much of the literature of the New Age movement; for direct 'visions' and 'revelations' of the "true" nature of God are so plentiful and constantly-appearing, that it is a real task to even catalog them all. Are these, too, "UFO contacts?" Many UFO buffs easily dismiss such divinity-visions as "not authentic UFO contacts" simply because they do not make a case for 'hardware aliens.' On the other hand (and certainly in this writer's personal view) there could be no better a proof that they ARE 'UFO-related;' for a personalized form of divinity tailored to one's own unique needs is truly as 'unearthly' as any visitor from outer space. Perhaps 'outer' and 'inner' spaces will some day be recognized as ONE. Meanwhile, Kaballists summon the good services of the Elohim by invoking their Leader, the Archangel Auriel.


We will close this admittedly brief summary by noting that each of the six types of entity not described here are just as specific as those we have listed, and each is also represented in the 'catalog of the unusual' throughout history. Perhaps someday we WILL have proof of alien species in our Universe (how could we possibly think we are THAT 'special' and unique?) But until solid evidence of 'hardware' alien societies IS presented for our scientific study, here at least we DO have a science that makes Holistic, Psychological sense of the tens of thousands of sincere reports by ordinary people all around the world.. describing contact with beings who can change our lives by simply showing us glimpses of a larger Universe both WITHIN and all AROUND us. Those interested in the science of Kaballah are encouraged to read "The Ladder Of Lights" by William G. Gray (published by Samuel Weiser, York Beach ME) or our own publication, which is listed below. Happy Visions, everyone!

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