The Philosophy of UNIVERSAL HOLISM of ancient China, often called 'The Middle Way' or Path Between All Extremes..

Operates Our Alembic. We promote the philosophy of

HSIEN TAO.. 'the Tao of Magic and Immortality.'


Not everyone has had (or even WANTS to have!,) a 'mystical experience.' Many people consider such experiences either total 'hogwash' or a mere chemical imbalance in the brain (maybe due to something you had for supper!) But, for those who HAVE HAD (or wish to have) experiences such as 'past life-recall,' astral or flying dreams, clairvoyant flashes or premonitions, visits from 'angels' or other spirit-beings, there is a TAO or Path Between All Extremes that specializes in Mystical Science. All members of our community have had such experiences and consider them the most important parts of our PERSONAL Reality. So, while AS YOU LIKE IT is indeed 'just another business' it is a business ran by 'career Mystics' who spend the majority of their time and energy on spiritual studies and practices. That is OUR Tao.. Hsien Taoism.

While there are almost as many forms of Hsien Tao as there are Hsien Taoists, we are all essentially MYSTICAL SCIENTISTS, practicing various forms of Yoga, Alchemy and Parapsychology. To read the 'definitive source-book' of our unique community-Tao, click-on WESTWARD-SINGING BIRD where our transliteration of the Taoist Classics is available on-line. Many of the Mystical Sciences we practice and promote are listed in the ACTIVITIES page.

Essential Reference Material for TAOIST STUDIES:


The Chinese Classics, TAO TE CHING and I CHING, in our own On-Line Edition. Archive it for your own use!

and, about 'Maitreya'..

One of the most intriguing passages from TAO TE CHING says 'In the Universe are Four Greats; and the King is one of those Four.' This is not a 'commercial' for Monarchy as a form of government!, but a reference to the 'Spirit-King' or Divine Monarch reported by all of the world's ancient mystical philosophies. Variously called Lord, King or Savior, this 'God-King' is the central fulcrum around which all spiritualities revolve. Religions 'worship' him. Mystics recognize 'him' as at least PARTLY 'psycho-mythic' or built into our own personal makeup as beings.. though we also recognize that there is probably more to 'him' than our own spiritual aspirations. We call ourselves 'Maitreyan Hsien Taoists' because we have experienced that 'King' as the Maitreya Buddha predicted by Guatama Buddha as his future successor, who would provide a bridge between all of the spiritual philosophies of mankind and unify a spiritually divided species. 'Maitreya' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'the Friendly Lord,' and it is our experience of reality that 'he' manifests for us through EVERY 'divine King' of every period of history.. including the Kristos of western traditions.. which we view as psycho-mythic 'Examples' of "THE GOD-SELF" described by Jungian Psychoanalysis as an essential element of every human psyche. In the literature of our Order, you will find this Inner God-King described as 'Super-Ego,' also.. the term applied to 'it' or 'him' by Sigmund Freud. According to both Mysticism and Psychoanalysis, it is the task of the Enlightenment-bound to meet that 'King' or "Savior" WITHIN YOURSELF and make Him (or 'it' or HER!,) your permanent partner in self-growth. On a society-wide level, this psycho-mythic urge toward God-King contact is the underlying force that drives our Collective Consciousness upward through each new level of cultural advancement. We view the New Age Movement as 'his' handiwork, and the next phase in our planetary Enlightenment. According to the traditional lore of Buddhism, the end-product of this next phase of society's advancement will be a God-King in every heart, and a Heaven of Satisfied Gods in every home. If you are interested in Maitreyan Studies, you may enjoy reading our group's own MAITREYAN PHILOSOPHY page.. which explains how we personally live the Maitreyan Ideal.

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