Upcoming Local Events

THE MAITREYAN ORDER OF HSIEN TAO will host the following gatherings at our Home-Center at 324 Main Street Ashby MA 01431. For information, call (978) 386-7053.. or email us at

Convocational Rites

BY INVITATION ONLY gathering of the Order's advanced students of Kaballah, in which we jointly address the needs of the members, group and the world at large. Held eight times at year (at the solstices, equinoxes and midpoints) these Rites are not open to the public.. though sincere persons of other Paths may request permission to attend for specific reasons. Gatherings are free of charge, and last around one hour.

Ceremony of Tzadkiel 4 Feb, 2024
Ceremony of Auriel19 Mar, 2024
Ceremony of Metatron 4 May, 2024
Ceremony of Raphael20 Jun, 2024
Ceremony of Khamael 6 Aug, 2024
Ceremony of Mikael22 Sep, 2024
Ceremony of Sandalphon 6 Nov, 2024
Ceremony of Gabriel21 Dec, 2024
Ceremony of Tzadkiel 3 Feb, 2025
Ceremony of Auriel20 Mar, 2025
Ceremony of Metatron 5 May, 2025
Ceremony of Raphael20 Jun, 2025
Ceremony of Khamael 7 Aug, 2025
Ceremony of Mikael22 Sep, 2025
Ceremony of Sandalphon 6 Nov, 2025
Ceremony of Gabriel21 Dec, 2025


Human Reality is not something that can be 'mass-produced!' The Maitreyan Order of Hsien Tao.. our little community.. is not part of the 'guru-mill' which cranks-out carbon-copy "assembly-line" reproductions of some 'ideal spiritual state' based on this or that 'Teaching' or Teacher. Rather, we see ourselves as here for THE STUDENT more than for 'the Teachings;' all of the Teachings we have accumulated are simply things we have found useful to ourselves and others. We are learning new Techniques and Tools constantly, and consider every new friend an opportunity to learn their Truths alongside them.

When anyone first contacts us about their spiritual self-development, we arrange a meeting with a doorkeeper of our group who makes it his/her goal to help the new friend define and begin structuring their spiritual needs, interests and personal directions of growth. As the 'student' (of themselves rather than 'student of our Teachings') evolves, so does the direction of study which we share together.. so long as we can walk the same Path alongside eachother (for eventually, the unique Path of each individual becomes so specialized that only they have the ability to see where it is going!)

If you are interested in this "tutorial" approach to self-development, you are invited to call (978) 386-7053 or email us at .


All of our instruction except Taoist Meditation is based upon "THE SHINING TREE SELF-WORK BOOK" which we publish. Our Taoist Studies are based upon "WESTWARD SINGING BIRD" our on-line edition of the Chinese Classics.


is really pretty easy. Our Home/Center is located at 324 Main street Ashby, MA 01431.. which is also called Route 119 West. Look for 324 on the mailbox. Call if you need directions from outside the region. CALL (978) 386-7053.


We also provide on-going support for any subject on this site.


How to live and love together is the most important detail of any lifestyle. Whether single or married, gay, lesbian or straight we all need people to share life with.. though we each have quite different ways of 'showing' that. Our communal lifestyle has given us a LOT of experience at listening to people, and helping them find ways of sharing life more comfortably for them each. We offer only one 'guarantee;' we will WORK on your behalf.


Our own intercultural Astrology Interpreter provides a text or document file (or a printout mailed to you for a nominal fee) of your NATAL CHART, combining Chinese and Western Astrology Signs with the Olympian Greek Planets and BY-DEGREE INTERPRETATIONS from ancient Chinese Oracle-texts (the First Wing of the I CHING, the Book Of Changes.) Email EXACT BIRTH TIME, DATE AND PLACE to .