Our Grove

A Cyberspace Meeting Place where "World Shapers" of all traditions can gather in Council..

The purpose of this Domain is not to promote, teach or discuss "The High Arts" but to practice them together. Any Master or Adept of any tradition of Magical Arts is welcome to petition the DoorKeepers Ava and Olwe for a Seat on the Council. Anyone who wishes may send requests for the Council's work on any topic.


(each Member of the Council is requested to Attend Hereto:)

PLANET-WIDE CULTURAL IDENTITY: Kosovo and the Balkans are only one example of the struggle of peoples worldwide for a name and identity of their own. While we focus on Kosovo, let us also work on a planetary level, to encourage the same process of Identity-building for all disenfranchised peoples. OLWE: 25 March 1999. Seconded into the Agenda by Khiron 1 April 1999.

GUNS AND VIOLENCE. Stopping the violence in our society is now a crisis-level problem. The fact that Americans are guaranteed the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" by the Bill Of Rights makes that a more difficult (yet not impossible) task. Article II predicates this Right to Keep and Bear Arms upon the need for "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State." It is time this one little sentence of American Law was properly acted upon.. and all gun owners were required to be on Active Duty in a well-regulated State Militia, where they can be properly trained, supervised in the safe storage and use of firearms, and turned into the social BENEFIT they were intended to be.. instead of the social liability they have been allowed to be. Getting this 2nd Ammendment gun-regulation properly enforced is a worthy task for us to take-on, and one that surely NEEDS the skills of many Wizards! KHIRON 25 April 1999. Seconded into ther Agenda by Olwe, 27 April 1999.

SOCIETY'S VIOLENCE-ADDICTION: The controlling of firearms-access in the US is only a small part of the long-term solution that is needed. I feel it is time to officially take a united stand against the society-wide PROPAGATION OF VIOLENCE in the media, entertainment, education and all other places where "the Lord Of Terror" has gained control of our society. Khiron, 27 June 1999. Seconded into the Agenda 29 June 1999 by Maea.

SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION FOR OUR FELLOW MYSTICS: Throughout the world, and especially in the Philippines, many occult practitioners are focused on developing psychic powers in order to impress others, rather than for their own self-evolution. Let us work together to bring the realization to our fellow mystics that an attitude of personal well being and self-growth is the prerequisite upon which their ethical responsibility as practicing pathworkers is founded. Razuli, 13 March 2001. Seconded into the Agenda 24 March 2001 by Olwe.

SPIRITUAL SEEKERS FINDING THE TEACHINGS: That sincere seekers of the Way be guided by Spirit to be drawn to the Truth of the Teachings rather than the Teacher. Razuli, 28 May 2007. Seconded into the Agenda 30 May 2007 by Olwe.


  1. That the individuals at all levels of government which use its power in corrupt ways and suppress the will of the people be transmuted by a consciousness which respects all life and serves all beings.
  2. The cessation of the misuse of social media:
    1. by providers, of dubious authenticity, for spiritual services and products, whose sole intention is to financially profit from, rather than genuinely help, innocent seekers.
    2. for bullying and all forms of criminal activity.
    3. for the presentation of the superficial enhancement of one's appearance as the means to self-improvement, rather than the transformation of one's inner being.
Razuli, 16 July 2018. Seconded into the Agenda 17 July 2018 by Olwe.

REGARDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: That all governments and media truthfully inform the people. Anunkasan, 8 April 2020. Seconded into the Agenda 8 April 2020 by Olwe.

Current Membership Of The Council:

KHIRON, Ascended Master
OLWE, Council Doorkeeper and Helmsman
AVA, Council Doorkeeper and Spirit-Weaver
MAEA, Council Member
LINDA, Council Member
RAZULI, Council Member
Ivyana, Council Member
Anunkasan, Council Member

Discussion And Commentary To The Council

(All Members Of The Council Please Attend Hereto:)


Be It Agreed By All That:

The LANGUAGE of this Grove shall be common American English, though this need not apply to the Sites on which it is hosted. All terms except proper names shall be translated, as shall all technical phrases from one's own Tradition, wherever possible.

ALL AGENDA ITEMS shall be first posted as Commentary properly attributed to it's source, by the Doorkeeper. When a Comment is seconded by another Member, the Doorkeeper shall move it into the Council Agenda.. where it shall remain at least one week or until the Doorkeeper considers it to have been properly acted-upon by the Council.

ADMINISTRATION OF THE GROVE shall be the duty of the Doorkeeper, who shall update the Agenda no less often than every Saturday at Noon of their local time. In the event of the retirement or death of a Doorkeeper, the next most-tenured Council Member shall become Doorkeeper of the Grove.