"SOPHIA:" A Personal Wisdom

Rows Of Sphinxes

is the "product" of our Alembic.

We are the ones.. you and I.. who set out from that magical world where only Spirits exist; firm as flesh and twice as fearless, yet bodiless though not without Form even in that Spirit Side of things. Many of us can still remember the amazement we felt upon entering the flesh; that it is weaker than we thought, and much less.. durable.. than the Light-Body we already knew. What were we then but Colonists?.. flying ships of Light into a world where shadows seem to pale even the unquenchable light we are made of.

At the end of it all, they say, we will again be thrust out of the now-familiar Flesh.. into what will by then be a Strange New World of Light; no longer weakened yet somehow "diminished" by the absence of those shadows in which our flesh-bodies rested at night. And what will we be then but Colonists, again!.. this time colonizing not the Flesh with new Spirit but Light with new Sensations of Being. Yes, we are the one.. you and I.. who must somehow find in all this bounding from Side to Side of Life SOME WISDOM, SOME TRUTH TO CARRY WITH US for the endless Journeys ahead.

It comes to us.. and comes back to us at odd moments.. in strange, childlike bursts of song, poetry and mysterious movement of the limbs; apparently meaningless little Rituals not much different from Nursery Rhymes, yet so filled with our own Story of Being that it leaves us more Whole, more Hale, more High above the Colonies we currently inhabit. We do not often know what to make of it, this SECRET SOURCE OF POWER; for it is greater than our current moment and "size." We seldom talk about it to others.. for it is too sacred and private to sully with "opinion." But it is there, inside us and it's Magic has refueled our souls and healed our bodies and minds too many times to count. Nobody knows what to "call" it.. nonsense, fantasy, child's play or Wizardry!.. but it's real name is GNOSIS, the True Knowledge of our Souls.

In 325 AD, all of the Bishops of the world meeting at Nicea declared it "heretical" and not part of the Christian religion. Well, it isn't; it isn't part of any religion; that is a separate subject entirely. Gnostics do not need a religion to tell them what is "real;" for they have true knowledge of the soul, remembered and it travels with them wherever they go.. even into the Cathedral-free Zone where pure Spirit lives in shining bodies made of Light, Song and that very personal Wisdom that Gnostics call "Blessed Sophia."

The noted scholar of Gnosticism, G. Filoramo (discussing the Gnostic Archives at Nag Hammadhi Egypt,) has written that "Jung's reflections had long been immersed in the thought of the ancient Gnostics to such an extent that he considered them the virtual discoverers of 'depth psychology'." And yet, even Jung insisted on treating Gnosis as "a religion" (rather than the primary Spiritual Intuition which it truly is..) and thus set it beyond the pale of scientific enquiry. Thus, there is no place for wisdom and true knowledge of our place in the universe in psychology, education or any other propaganda mill. No, Gnosis cannot be "taught" or "ordained" only discovered within. And Gnostics have no one to share it with but other Gnostics. We would not have it any other way!

THEREFORE, Permit Us To Introduce..

Our Household "Staff"..


our founding Master. Born as Jerry Clifford Welch in 1948, the sixth of twelve children of a goat-herder from the desert of Arizona.. of Cherokee and Choctaw ancestry as well as Welsh and the ubiquitous Scots-Irish. Imagine a youngish Merlin who grew up among Red-skinned Cowboys; then give him the spirit of a wood-elf, a mind like the Library of Alexandria and the sense of humor of a five-year-old; then dress him up in the silk robes of a Tantric Buddha.. and you will begin to get a picture of his Personal Reality. Khiron is better-known to the New Age Community as the Kuei-Shen Hsien (a Hsien Taoist title he has carried since about 1972) and has worked as a professional Clairvoyant, Psychometrist, Aura-Healer and Spiritual Counselor for some thirty years, in Arizona, California and his adopted home-state of Massachusetts. Khiron is the head Winemaker at As You Like It Winery. When he has past-life memories they range from "the Great House" of Egypt to a Tibetan Shaman, several minor western philosophers, a number of American Indian chieftains and (of course) an African-born Gnostic from the caves of Nag Hammadhi Egypt around 100 AD. Khiron is the Doorkeeper of the Maitreyan Order of Hsien Tao, and his patron Diety-forms are Lord Maitreya the Kristos, Amen the Goat-Man "Primum Mobile" of Egypt, the Moon-god Shaddai El Chiiam and Eloh Giburah, the Swordsman of Heaven. You may occasionally glimpse Khiron traveling in the Astral forms of a Falcon or a Centaur; as a passenger in a ufo, or riding on the back of the Imperial Dragon of China. His hobby is Planet-Tending. His Gnosis is Etheric Energy-shaping, using Image, Sound and other Magic. On 21 October 1999 he became an Ascended Master.


A native of Cambridge Massachusetts, Joan (Ava) Jason has travelled through many worlds without getting lost in them. She taught special needs education for what seemed forever; then started a bakery where she spent another eternity cooking pies, cakes and cookies by the million. Now she wanders around Massachusetts teaching spiritual development to (mostly) women's groups. But her real story that has never changed in her whole life happens when she is alone at her desk. Then Little Joanie gets out her colored pens, brushes, crayons and paper.. and her Gnosis begins. When it "ends" she may have a stack of beautiful new hand-drawn cards for the Gift Shop sales-rack, or a long letter to someone she may not know yet, or a doodle-filled wastebasket.. but the "product" is less important to her than the "process;" for while it is happening, she is just a child, forever happily playing her creations across the page. She has done this from desks in ancient Egypt, Renaissance Sweden, various Kingdoms of Elfin, and continents now buried beneath the seas.. but they are not 'seperate places' to her; only pages, recollected. Sometimes she uses yarn to turn the pages into snuggly blankets to sleep under. Sometimes she turns them into yummy plates full of nice things to eat. Sometimes she turns them into expressions on her face. There are many ways to bring art to life. Meet her at the Astral Mall, shopping for the gifts that are perfect right now for each of the many friends she carries in her mind. Or meet her by the sea, sitting very still while seagulls speak her feelings. But be sure you meet her somewhere; you deserve the pleasure, and so does she! Email her at


Born and raised a few houses down from Ava (a life-long friend) in Cambridge, Olwe (born William P. Davis), our current administrator, has always been aware of "The Great Benevolence." A quiet and observant child who marveled at the miracle of existance, he experienced a Dream-Vision as a youngster; the Christ, our Eldest Brother. Living in the Imitation of that Example from then onward, he was a sensitive and sincere teenager. Entering manhood, he incorporated the hedonism of the artistic traits of his soul; yet when it came time to decide what to be "when he grew up" Olwe realized the only choice that was real for him was "Holy Man" or Enlightened Spirit (as compared to a "priest" for instance.) To attain that, he realized one must meet a Holy Man to learn from, and it was then that Olwe met Khiron, his first incarnate Spiritual Brother.. naturally enough, introduced to him by his first Spiritual Sister, Ava. Together they have lived the multidiciplinary Path described on this website.. in the process of which Olwe has come to know many other Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, especially the Buddha and Archangel Michael. Olwe relaxes and expresses himself through all of the Fine Arts, a deep love of nature and all the creatures within it, and a still fresh child's appreciation for the Play of life. Some of the "serious" games he caretakes for the Order include Astrology, the I Ching and Tarot. He is also our House's Resident Film Buff. You may Email him at


Our Webmaster and resident computer guru Pir (born Erik Stackhouse) has an unusual karma with our house; he lived here most of his life until his mother sold it to us. A few years later, he moved right back into his childhood home with a whole new "family;" US! Things like that happen pretty easily for Pir; he seems to have the knack of already being where everybody else is going. When not writing code for his computer-consulting business, Pir may be nearly anywhere with a bunch of his many friends.. though you may not be able to see them all yourself (for many of them travel around in his thoughts, downloading and uploading data.. or "chatting" as the rest of the world calls it.) Some of the things Pir is interested in right now include: Being completely in the moment and doing only what (if anything) the moment calls for; Enjoying many forms of play, from photography, computer programming and music, to digital artwork; He is slowly but surely manifesting his Spirit life into his daily existance.. for even as he works on the more "material" aspects of existance, such as right-livelihood and its counterparts in making "Brother Ass" happy, he knows that the inner world of dreams and fantasy are truly what bring that all about. As an example, back in the late 80's, when the "net" was generally considered something that you used to catch fish with, he dreamed about a global network, and let it into his fantasies and dreams as something that would bring the world closer together. While maybe not up to his overall expectations (yet) this has certainly happened... as evidenced by this very page! So maybe your fantasies and his will meet on the ether (or the cyber-ether!) and help bring additional changes to the world, making all our lives better for it! Email him at or see some of his photography at his photo gallery.

Our "Extended Family"..


Born in the Old Forest of the Pacific Northwest, Alex / Sande Barrett.. or Maea (which might be pronounced like "Maya").. has traveled extensively throughout the West, and has spent a lifetime studying the Wisdom of the Ages, working to perfect abilities of "seeing" and "healing". She is a Practitioner in Metaphysics and a teacher-guide to all who seek her out.. including the young boy whose oldest brother she married long ago (that's how she met Khiron and helped him find the courage to face his OWN Path in the Spirit.) She has worked at many jobs in many places, and traveled many paths, from Lemuria to ancient Mongolia,. and follows the Red Road of Native America where she has walked many times before. Her essence and spirit are those of Healer / Warrior, often going to battle in behalf of those in need. She delights in all forms of creation, from poetry to many art forms including carpentry. She can often be found playing with the wood sprites in the deep forest or the water spirits along the western shores and rivers, as well as sitting on a curb talking with just about anyone. Maea is always interested in contacting others who travel similar paths in order to share knowledge and spirit, and has a special interest in the manner in which all spiritual beings are currently being drawn together as never before. All are welcome to contact her at and especially anyone in need of healing.

Jim Hall

Born in New Jersey in 1948, Jim feels that he has been blessed throughout his life, but especially in the opportunity to live through his formative, college years during the late 60s, when so many windows of possibility were opened (if only so briefly). He has been an engineer since birth (he suspects) and continues in a career in the High Tech world of electronics; a job which allows him to travel the world, meeting new friends from India to Munich Germany. He has always loved singing and as an activity it has brought him much joy and learning. He has sung wherever he has found himself but has specifically traveled to the Soviet Union and South Africa with a choral group totally dedicated to citizen's diplomacy through shared singing. 2 years in the Peace Corps in Thailand allowed him to observe Buddhism as a way of living, first hand, a profound influence which continues as a vital part of his life. Jim became associated with our community almost 20 years ago and continues to draw comfort and inspiration from that friendship.. as we do from him. Always the traveler, Jim now finds his most significant journey inward. "I am currently trying to find more accurate understanding of my spiritual path through daily "being there" and observing.. and with a little help from some Archangels."

Linda Wilson

Linda, born 22 October 1962, has spent most of her life within a 20 mile radius of Winchendon, Massachusetts, though she has travelled to Europe and across America. She is still planning to visit Egypt, Australia, and Peru, when she can! Linda is currently learning from great spirit-teachers the wisdom and magic of the Inca, Egyptian, Kaballist and Native American peoples.. drinking from every fountain that calls her name. A commercial artist by profession, she has tried her hands at many arts and crafts, finding much joy in those creations where geometry and 3-dimensionality are employed. Her Stained Glass designs allow her to work with color, light and form, creating objects that are functional as well as beautiful. Gems, crystals and seashells bring nature and spirit together in her Inspired Designs. As editor and publisher of The Kaleidoscope, A Journal of our Changing Times, she shares with the readers her vision of the world; a reflection of colorful, unique and ever-changing beauty, every way you turn it, every time the light shines through it. Currently, she and her husband are working on a web site to help build bridges between people, and to enable resources to be readily available to those seeking. Travel the Stargates at www.light-waves.com where you will see some of her beloved sister-spirits, the Dolphins.. or Email her at .


There are very few people in the world that our little community are more "tangled-up with" and interconnected to than the family Mickola. Ava once taught at Ashby Elementary School as did both of the parents. We have had the pleasure of watching all the little ones grow into young adulthood and call them all close friends. They are truly family to all of us, and friendly neighbors to everyone in our village. You can Email them at


Like Mother Earth herself, Vicki Mickola is full of baby chicks, sprouting herbs and luscious fruit pies. She can grow, tend, cook and enjoy virtually anything in nature without ever losing her wonder at it all. Born, raised and settled in New England; sustained in childhood by the love of music, the outdoors and the Great Spirit, Vicki began her education about Children with the birth of her sons Erik Stackhouse and Aaron Tyne; then her daughter Rachel Mickola and step children Katje and Peter. "They have taught me well," Vicki says. "After a bumpy ride as a public school teacher , I opened a preschool in my home and have been learning to "lighten up" and play. I think the Children are almost finished with me now.. so, on to what is next!? I live on a beautiful farm with John and Rachel now. I continue to be loved and nurtured by my family and friends.. most of whom are listed on this page!"


"I am a teenager and I've lived in Ashby all my life. I grew up licking frosting off my fingers at the Maitreyans bakery. My parents are John and Vicki Mickola and I have a half sister Katje and half brothers Peter, Aaron and Erik. I also have a sister-in-law Karen and nephew Rowan." Rachel has been deeply involved for years in the Oddesey of the Mind program, where she and her friends have won high praise for their ingenuity and ability to work together for a common goal. Rachel is also as pretty a blonde girl as you can find even in our largely Finnish village! It must have been all that frosting!


Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) is a Kaballist with an affinity for Eastern arts and philosophies as well as Native/Indigenous cultures of Turtle Island. Much of his time is engaged with being a writer, editor, and small press publisher. Part scribe, reporter, and funky artist, Mankh's writings aim to reflect truth, uplift or calm, and present information that may help the reader with his or her life-journey. He teaches haiku, brush calligraphy, and balancing East-West, and is resident poet at Axis of Logic news and arts website; Mankh also helps authors self-publish. Other 'places' he likes to be are: talking/emailing with friends, gardening, meditating, listening to music, learning about various spiritual traditions, and keeping up with world news & cultural trends. His being an avid punner is not only fun(ny), it actually helps generate some good ideas. As a grade schooler, he remembers putting his poems in a journal and adding a copyright page; he got a further taste for bookmaking (not the gambling kind) when helping to assemble The Shining Tree, while living in Ashby. In turn, that "Self-Work-Book" provides the core manual for his spiritual path from which he has met the inner-higher-deeper presences of Maitreya, Kristos, Herm, and others who helped get him on track, after many years of wandering around and looking rather lost. He is ever-grateful to the Maitreyan Order for showing him that real friends tell you the truth. Mankh's apartment-temple is on Long Island aka Sea-Wan-Hak-Hee (a Native word meaning "shell heaven"). Also, he is quite tickled to share the same birthday as the 13th century Sufi mystic, Rumi, one of his poetic guiding lights. Email him at , and you can visit his literary website at www.allbook-books.com.


Born Feb. 3, 1969 at 10:03 PM in Fitchburg, Massachusetts during a bad snow storm (his mother tells him a blizzard). He is a child of the storm. His Astrology includes Aquarius sun, Libra rising and Leo moon. He became interested in Occult studies about the same time he learned to read. He picked up Tarot at age 15, and at age 20 was self-initiated into Wicca. At age 24 he became the High Priest of AppleMoon Coven and Teaching Grove in Groton, MA, and met Khiron and the Maitreyan Order of Hsien Tao at age 25. Weary of religious politics within Wicca, he abandoned religion to continue studies on his own, as well as with Khiron and the gang. He was immersed in Egyptian and Sumerian studies, to complement his Celtic background. He is now a free-lance Druid-Kaballist-Taoist-Alchemist, living in South-east Idaho, where he continues his personal Self-Growth and Community Growth both locally and on the global level. He has also created his own system of Self-growth fusing the four aforementioned life-paths into a new pathway, called the Sacred Tree. He hopes to publish within a year or two. The system hopes to bridge the gap between Witchcraft/Druidry practitioners and Kaballah, as many in the Neopagan movement are hesitant about using any Hebrew or Judeo-Christian based system.



Named Razuli Raziel Rachsumabaill as his Aquarian title, Ruel Ruiz lives in the beautiful island of the Philippines. Trained at an early age of 9 into Hermeticum by his mother both QBL and Mysticum. Meeting his Guru at 13 and training under him and learning Occult Sciences, Mystical Arts and Magickal Philosophies in the most pure way. He is currently the Branch Leader of Integrated Ascension University (Former Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy) that focus on Ascension. Affiliated with International Center for Spiritual Living (former RSI Religious Science International). Founder and Chair of RSOM Phil.(Religious Science Of Man Philippines). Founder and Chair of IYOGA, the foremost leading yoga healing practice in the country. Founder and Chair of Magick Grove Center, a registered non-formal education that teaches Occult Sciences, Mystical Arts Magickal Philosophies and Paranormal Academics. His backgrounds includes Transcendental Meditation, Theosophy, Enochian, Hermetics, Science of Mind, Parapsychology, Psychic Investigations.

Razuli has been a Paranormal Celebrity since the early 90's. Heading documentaries and investigations of the supernatural he began his production career during 1992 for one of the longest highest rating talkshow that deals with the Supernatural and Paranormal every week. When the show ended in year 2000 he was with shows veering into the same genre. In 2003, Razuli trained young ones in the field of Paranormal Investigation that became a hit. The show was divided into 2 parts, Drama supported by docu and Docu supported by real investigation. The first ever REALITY-DOCU-DRAMA-PARANORMAL show was shown in 2 channels. Like all tv shows it has its ending. Razuli then had his sabbatical and wrote 5 Books all about psychism, paranormal and secret wisdom. Then he co-directed and Produced a Docu-Travel-Reality-Inspirational project entitled ISANG LAHI: PEARLS FROM THE ORIENT. A project so big that it took more than 3 years to accomplish. Heralded with famous celebrities of the Philippine Cinema and joined and supported by known personalities here and abroad. It was dubbed as the Philippine Version of Rhonda B's THE SECRET. Razuli had the privilege to have the right to do film showing of the said movie. Razuli continues to produce and create shows that lift up and inspire everyone for a better Life. He produced and directed TV shows and a few indiefilms. Now he is going to air the First Reality Book Paranormal Travel show that showcases the Mystical people, places, tradition and culture of the Philippines.

An honor student since a kid. Razuli is considered to be a paranormal genius. With a bachelor in Psychology (major in cognition and cognitive behavior) Masters (both in Metaphysics and Cognition, Human Evolution) with an honorary Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychology. Also a sous chef, vocal coach, musician, artists, singer and way more. A traveler by choice, Razuli continues to explore and learn more about Life and Living. Mentoring only a handful of individuals that truly deserve learning how it should be taught and when it should be divulged.

To know more about Ruel Razuli Ruiz's movements and updates email or visit RSOMPhil, IYoga Philippines, KMTP Trimedia Productions and Magick Grove on Facebook

Ruel is also the admin and moderator of the largest Paranormal Group locally in FB: The Philippine Paranormal Society

Brian 'Ben' Mackenzie

"Brian 'Ben' Mackenzie (AKA Aneuon Shadielf, King of the Sylphs) has been actively interested in ancient and modern spiritual practices since his early teens (he was fascinated with Norse and Egyptian mythology as a tot, and shop-lifted a pack of tarot cards in public school). He was initiated into Tantric Buddhism when he was eighteen, at which time he had already been practicing mantra meditation and hatha yoga for one year under the instruction of "qualified" teachers. He has been blessed with teachings from such notable Lamas as Sogyal Rinpoche, Namkai Norbu, and the Twelfth Tai Situ-pa, and has received Milarepa, Medicine Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and other empowerments. While currently having the view that "truth is a pathless land," Brian has found much of value in Eastern and Western techniques of insight and self-development which he is eager to share with anyone sincerely interested. He is particularly keen on breathing, mantra and ecstatic dance, and following the commandment 'Thou shalt fall in love AT LEAST three times a day.'

Besides Rebalancing Integrative Bodywork (which Brian has been certified to practice since 1993) and various forms of meditation, Brian has received formal instruction in the following healing arts: Therapeutic Touch (Level 1), Reiki (levels I and II), Jin Shin Do (Basic), and Process-Oriented Psychotherapy (ongoing, since 1995). Brian has been a peer health educator and community organizer for many years, and has presented on his work to international audiences in Canada and overseas. He has also travelled to numerous intentional communities and spiritual retreat centres in North America, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. He is an alumni of Starwood Festivals 13-15.

He lives with his Anam Cara (life partner) Kenn 'Snail' Quayle (Queen of the Gnomes) in Gibsons, at the foot of Mount Elphinstone, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, where they enjoy having an authentic 'wishing well' and lots of lovely flora and fauna in their faerie sanctuary."


May the beauty of the infinity permeate the vastness of the universe.

Dr. Jericho Ibanez

Dr. Jericho Ibanez is a Certified Paranormal Investigator, Certified Hypnotist, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and a Certified Reiki Master. He is also a degree holder in Psychology, an ordained minister with an honorary degree in Doctor of Divinity, and a Doctor of Philosophy Specializing in Metaphysical Science. Dr. Ibanez is one of the Founders of the Philippines branch of the international paranormal organization, known as Ghost Recon Paranormal. He advocates the dissemination and application of Parapsychology and Metaphysical Humanistic Science, for the holistic development of the individual, from basic to higher degree that can be useful in academic, industrial, clinical and even personal purposes. This is the reason of his continued research study in Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Advanced Psychology, Theology, Hermitic, Rosicrucian, Occult Sciences and Mysticism. He is currently the HR & Operations Manager of a Human Resource and Business Support Company; He has appeared on TV and Radio programs as the resource person for paranormal, new age, metaphysics, parapsychology, marriage & relationship, dream interpretation, life coaching, behavioral and stress management, sales and marketing, leaderships, personality development, HR and Office administration, and more... Contact him via his web site: www.paranormalpsychic.weebly.com .

Lynn Pretorius

Lynn Pretorius is living, at the moment, in South Africa. She studied Metaphysics after spending many years of searching for the 'Universal' Truth. Her work is to help others to help themselves in becoming all they would like to be, full potential. 2013 will see her workshop "Cosmology of the Hand' take place, where she hopes to interest women/youth in self healing, and understanding their inner energy system, which will open doors to "As a man thinketh - so shall he be".


Ivyana was born in Detroit Michigan. She has long been a follower of numerology, astrology, extraterrestrials and frequency vibrations. She became a mother at 15 and now have 3 boys. She moved to Wyoming around the age of 21 and became a coal mine electrician. She now lives in Minnesota working for an Energy company monitoring the Bulk Electrical System. She has had ET experiences, religious dreams and a lot of different life experiences.

.. some of these groups and individuals practice Special Knowledge of types commonly called 'religions.' We do not use that phrase ourselves, but respect the sincere spirituality and good work done by these individuals.. and we list them here in the spirit of respectful Community-building ..


Valirian Given the birth name of John Guerino-Fitzgerald, Valirian became magically aware at around 2 to 3. At 4, he quite accidentally triggered a spontaneous return of sight in a previously blind child at the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Watertown, while visiting with his family. That mystical event was followed in his teens by a Relationship with an Oak Tree, ending in a deep trance-state within which he discovered his personal Gnosis: Celtic Wizardry. Backwalking through the snow covered, windy streets of Fitchburg with a friend some years ago, he saw our winery. There, looking for Mead, his favorite drink, he fast became friends with us, finding some of the other Wizards he had been looking to meet for many a long year. He frequently visits us at our home and always shares his mystic inspirations and visions with us freely. "I am part of nature itself as I am most at home with elemental mystical forces. I contain the Spirit of druidry but none of it's religious doctrinalism. I would much rather others learn and think for themselves than just blindly follow. Question Imposed Authority!" Valirian loves Runemal (Rune casting/foretelling,) and has a mastery with storytelling. Stories are lovingly shared to anyone that wishes to hear them. Currently, Valirian has begun to delve into Holistic Alchemy with distilling, extracting and blending essential oils and synergies. ("I blend a mean Ambergris or Earth Oil Synergy") Several of his astral spirit forms may be; a half stag-half man with large antlers that is very swift; a flute playing Elven boy; a kind hearted, playful silver floppy eared dragon; a black bear with the Big Dipper on its forehead that speaks only when questions are asked; and a cloaked ancient Wizard with twinkling stars for a right eye.

Valirian passed on into the next world in 2008.

Anya & Eugene

Anya and Eugene are well known Russian healers and Tantricas. Back in former Soviet Union, Eugene was famous spiritual leader and was known as a powerful healer. He saved lives of hundreds of people and had thousands of followers. Naturally, his influence was huge. KGB found his power dangerous for the regime and Eugene was imprisoned for several years along with numbers of his disciples. After Perestroika, he was rehabilitated for absence of crime and came to the USA. Anya grew up in Siberia. At the early age she was initiated in the traditions of Siberian Shamanism, learned powers of healing herbs and Witchcraft. She went to University, and studied psychology, physiology and herbology from the best professors. Combining the knowledge of both worlds: scientific and magic gave her unique powers and vision. Anya and Eugene have met in New York. They practice and teach Tantric healing, saving people from suffering and death. You can attend private classes of Tantric yoga with Anya and Eugene or join popular workshops at the nationwide educational center, Learning Annex. Now they have centers in New York, Key West, and Los Angeles.

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