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Chinese Healing Music

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Listening to "Bai Lu" is a transforming experience. Exquisitely performed by the Film Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai with the classical instruments of China, "Bai Lu" was composed to help calm the mind and steady the body to prepare for the winter ahead. In our experience, it does.

Chinese medicine claims that there are 2 causes for "dis"ease in the human body. One is internal, an imbalance in the psycho-mental state, and the other is external ,in response to changing atmospheric and climactic conditions. In response to the latter, "Bai Lu" was composed to help ease the transition from the warmth of summer to the coolness of autumn, thus affecting a smooth transition to the season that brings on dryness and its demand for adjustment by the respiratory system. The music, like the season, provides an evenness and tranquility. It takes you from being outside in summer to inside to ready and steady for the winter ahead.

"Bai Lu", meaninng "Frosty Dew", is available on WIND recordings. We have found a few sources on the web that say it is available through special order. It is certainly worth the wait. The other three seasons are also available on CD or on cassette tapes and as a complete collection are a great addition to any World Music and/or Healing Music collection.