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Recently we watched the film Ghandi. We commented on how many figures throughout history there were of non-violent peacemakers who had ushered in great changes for the world, yet met with a violent end for themselves. As a central figure for a cause, main stage examples have often become the targeted prize for the opposition.

On the other hand, as individual peacemakers and the central figures in our own little worlds, we have the ability to integrate more peace into our lives through living and practicing a very simple philosophy…that is, "friendliness to the friendly". When one goes to an animal shelter to adopt a pet, one is likely to walk away with the one who was friendly or "had that sparkle in the eye". One walks away from the one with the growl or who wouldn't make contact. Likewise, at a social gathering, we look for those whom we feel comfortable with, and simply "walk away" from those who leave us feeling edgy, or judged, or needy. By so doing, we are merely making a clear statement about our individual needs for "right association". We are not telling someone else how to be, but rather simply maintaining our own peace and comfort. Those with whom one feels friendly, are found in all classes of society, all levels of intellectual capabilities from the retarded to geniuses, and in all races…they are simply those whom you trust and feel comfortable in their presence. Through "passive resistance" toward or walking away from those whom we feel not comfortable with, we are simply claiming our own state of peace.

For further reading on the origin and development of this very simple yet profound philosophy, we refer you to: the Lifestyle section of spirit-alembic.com. Enjoy!