MALKUTH: The Kingdom Of Matter


Identified by Kaballah as "the Sephirah Malkuth," this Sphere of Aura-energy encompasses both Legs, Feet, Knees, Ankles and BASE OF THE SPINE; any or all of which can become 'sore' or traumatized by a crisis over ONE'S PLACE WITHIN THE KINGDOM OF MATTER; from wealth to health to ecology, every detail of one's relationship with NATURE and it's countless materials and lifeforms, including your fellow man.

Malkuth means 'The Kingdom;' and depicts the Material World of Nature as the "Kingdom" in which we must find a personal Way Of Life (or PATH) that puts us in harmony with all other parts of Nature. THAT IS NOT EASY TO DO!.. for we all have many desires, needs and interests that conflict with others. For instance, in order to eat, we kill other forms of life (plant as well as animal;) and SOMEHOW we must 'balance' that by giving-up some of our OWN life IN RETURN.. such as our labor and time spent replanting and caretaking Nature which we have "used" for our own satisfactions.

How to "use" and BE "used" within Nature HAPPILY and for the benefit of all we touch is the special focus of all Malkuth-related crises and life-situations. All of that can be summed-up as WALKING RIGHTLY in Life; consequently, Malkuth is called the Sephirah of PATHWALKING.. and whatever brought you here is connected with how to FIND and PERFECT your personal Path as a Soul.

Like all Branches of The Tree Of Life, Malkuth connects us with FOUR LEVELS of the Spiritual Hierarchy or "chain of command." Anytime your search for Holistic Synthesis or Wholeness points to this Sephirah, there is a strong probability that YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THIS CHAIN OF COMMAND IN SOME WAY before your crisis or problem will resolve itself completely. The Four Levels of this Branch Of Life are:


The Physical Level of Hierarchy in all Sephiroth is the same; ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES and/or THE "I CHING" LIFE-CALENDAR. For any event involving this Sephirah that began suddenly and has not diminished since then, the Life-Calendar is probably the source of the influence; you should be able to see the pattern clearly (including when to expect it to end) by reading the Year-Hexagram from that Calendar. Any PROCESS that seems to be EVOLVING into ever-changing forms over a long period of time is probably due to ASTROLOGICAL CHANGES affecting one's place in the world around you, as reflected by Planetary Changes. Note that you will need both a Natal (Birth) Horoscope AND a Transit Chart for the current year, in order to understand these Planetary Cycles. The Planet EARTH (including Ascendant, Decendant, Midheaven and Nadir) directly governs this Sephirah in Astrology.


The Science of Malkuth is TOTEMIC ANIMISM; the practice of relating with all parts of Nature AS LIVING SPIRIT-ALLIES who deserve our respectful and kindly COOPERATION. All ancient tribal societies are Animistic, and view the entire Universe as a Living Kingdom within which man has an 'office' of both great power and great responsibility. Animistic Pathwalking recognizes every plant, mineral, animal, element and force in Nature as HOLY and capable of being either wisely or unwisely related-to. It is the task of the individual Pathwalker to recognize each 'chance meeting' within Nature as MEANINGFUL for one's own life; and use that information to guide one's Path in life. Naturally, that requires a deep knowledge of the 'meaningfulness' of every part of Nature; the language of SYMBOLISM is an essential part of Animistic Science.

On it's simplest level, Animism begins with 'substances' such as the Mineral Elements.. using Crystals as a Meditation-tool, for instance. Later adding Herbology and dietary science to that, one can 'attune' one's body to Nature in such a way to become very "Organic" spiritually.. and begin to see and hear the great harmonious "Kingdom" of Nature speaking to you from the mouths of Birds, Animals, forces of the Weather and those subtler voices of the Nature Spirits who cultivate the whole of Nature's Garden.

Totem-Science.. the understanding that every Animal-Spirit caretakes a certain kind of GNOSIS or 'Special Wisdom' WHICH WE CAN OURSELVES ABSORB BY IDENTIFYING OURSELVES WITH THAT ANIMAL-SYMBOL, is the highest level of Malkuth-development. Whether through tattoos on the body, jewelry, artwork upon which one meditates or wearing some portion of the Totem Animal as a personal 'talisman,' totemic Animism bonds one to the Totem Animal and imbues oneself with the Gnosis-Wisdom and SKILLS of that Spirit-Animal. Eventually, Kaballah recognizes that the greatest Totem of them all will come to call upon any Totemic Pathwalker (like the Totem Animals themselves, often in DREAMS;) Adonai Malakh.. in the form of a half-man/half-animal "diety" who blesses one as part of his OWN Kingdom, and bestows the authority of a 'lesser King' over Nature upon the faithful Friend Of All The World. Closely associated with Franciscianism, this Nature-God-contact is the final goal of all Animistic Paths.

To learn the meanings of the many plant, animal, mineral and Nature-forces in the Kingdom of Malkuth, click-on THE NATURAL WORLD. Some involvement with this material may be necessary for the solving of your Malkuth-related crisis.


Most western societies know of the great "Spiritual Intermediaries" who caretake our relationship with the Great Spirit, and refer to them as "Archangels." Asian societies normally call them "Boddhisattvas" and will need to turn to their own cultural traditions for guidance in contacting the right Bodhisattva for their Malkuth-related problems.. though ANYONE can call upon ANY Spiritual Authority and get useful results. The Archangel of Malkuth is named "Sandalphon," and he connects us with our Creator in the form called "Adonai Malakh" which is Hebrew for 'Lord King' or THE LORD OF NATURE.

The Angelic Order (or lineage of Devic Spirit-Workers, if you prefer) who serve this Sephirah are called the "KERUBIM;" who are depicted as Tetramorphic Creatures composed of equal parts of the Ox, Eagle, Lion and Man. These beings "underlay" Nature, in the invisible realm of the 'almost-physical;' and CAN be but seldom are glimpsed by human beings. Often called 'Nature Spirits,' and Devas by other cultures of the world, the Kerubim are responsible for "Ruling" the many Kingdoms of Plant, Animal, Mineral and Energy-based Nature. When we contact Sandalphon and his own King Adonai Malakh, our request for assistance in our Life-Path-Walking is answered by the Plants, Animals, Minerals and Energies within Nature, set in motion for us by the Kerubim.

To contact the Archangel of Pathwalking in the most direct way possible, jot-down the names just mentioned and then click-on KABALLAH-CIRCLE RITES where a reliable, long-used Ritual Meditation is listed.. and simply perform it as shown, inserting the proper names where prompted. This will trigger as much immediate Spiritual HELP for your problem or crisis as possible right now.

Repeated contact with this Archangel (asking each time for yet MORE clarity about your Right Path and more help with solving the specific details of your crisis or condition) over a period of days or weeks may prove extremely useful.. until you finally attain your OWN little "Kingdom Within Nature" perfectly-balanced with the rest of Life, which will finally end your Malkuth-related problem.


The "Aspect" or FORM of the Creator connected-with at Malkuth may look like 'Pan,' or Pegasus, Hanuman the Monkey-god of India or the Falcon-God Horus of Egypt; or he may take a very individualized form that holds meaning only for YOU.. but whatever form he takes in your life depicts YOUR LIFE WITHIN HIS KINGDOM. Like all of the God-Aspects of mankind's pantheons, Adonai Malakh is A MIRROR OF THE SOUL. As we progress in our Soul-development, learning ever-higher uses of our own potential and powers of mind and hand, he brings to us different and better SYMBOLIC "FOOD" for our Souls to grow-by. Even if you cannot right now see that this is so, THAT IS HOW ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCES OF HEALTH, WEALTH AND LIFESTYLE ARE BROUGHT TO YOU.

Mankind living in great cities has a tendency to forget that we are PERMANENTLY part of Nature. The gentle voices of the world of animals, the elements of wind, wood and water have become strange to us, since our ears have been lulled by the drone of engines and machines; but NATURE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN US. Still the totems walk through our sleeping hours.. even if we do not recognize them as Friends come to tell us about the coming events of our lives and the fulfillment of our personal needs and goals. "Tertium Organum" the Living Universe which the Greeks called Gaia, or Mother Nature, cannot be 'abandoned.' Even if we think we have left the Organic World behind with our cave-life early beginnings, it is still there and STILL rules our very survival. The Wise deliberately reconnect with it, and their Health, Wealth and Harmony is restored.

Many western peoples have forgotten that Nature is not "base" or 'unholy' but CREATED BY HEAVEN AS OUR HOME-GARDEN, and we were placed within it to "dress and keep it." It is not until we remember that and return to God as The King Of Beasts as well as the King of Heaven, that we truly understand the meaning of Life. Spirituality requires us to be PART OF NATURE as well as part of Heaven's family; indeed the two are ONE. It is the realization and attainment of your own Animal-Spirituality that brought you here to Malkuth.. poor, ill, inharmonious or LOST. Call out in the wilderness, and your King will hear you, and he will return your Wholeness to you. May your Kingdom COME! All around the edges of your city, it awaits you, beckoning with little hands of Fur, Feather, Fin and FRIENDSHIP.

Called ANUBIS (the Jackal-headed God) in the ancient Egyptian "paut Neteru" or Great Company of the Gods.. and considered the god of "Guidance" who leads 'the dead' onto the Path to Paradise.. the God-Aspect of Malkuth has always been associated with Pathwalking (a symbol of our personal Spiritual journey) as well as Friendly Companionship.. for Anubis is Egypt's version of the Dog ("man's Best Friend.") You may think of Anubis/Adonai Malakh as THE JOURNEY OF LIFE itself.. for (in terms of Spiritual Destiny) we are all already a bit 'dead;' and trying to come to Life by finding out who we are and where we are going as Souls. All of that is caretaken by Malkuth and it's Animal-God Soul-Guide, by any name.