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The sun is as central for astrology as it is for our solar system. The heavenly body proceeding with a measured tread through the complete Zodiac of 12 signs at very nearly a degree per day, makes it the main cog of the astrological clock. Knowledge of the sun's placement in one's natal chart is so widely popular practically every newspaper prints a daily guide and average persons with absolutely no attraction to things metaphysical know, not only their own, but the sun signs of their loved ones.

The very nature of the sun signs makes them the ideal first, and in most cases of births, the only, element of astrology of which an individual becomes aware. Because our sun is a fiery dynamo powering us up every half 24-hour period, the sun sign represents the ego vitality and daily activities most natural for us. As a study of astrology cannot proceed very far without the use of the Zodiac, here would be an appropriate place to introduce the twelve signs. The names for the signs are derived from the Latin designations for the constellations.

ARIES the Ram: These individuals will always be found at the forefront of whatever is happening. Their innate originality and adventurousness make them pioneers of innovation. They function optimally as inventors and futuristic designers.

TAURUS the Bull: The strength and determination exuded during a prolonged effort mark them as the workers of the Zodiac. Their day in, day out dependability make them comfortable in many lines of work, although food production is a specialty.

GEMINI the Twins: A natural head for business gives people of this sign an advantage in handling everything from administration down to logistical support. In whatever they do, they bring an assured professional manner.

CANCER the Crab: Here are the nurturers who thrive in the home environment. They are the perfect parents and homemakers, yet may also be found in public positions that address home and family issues.

LEO the Lion: These naturally dramatic and theatrical types are to be seen in positions with a distinct public orientation, where their leadership can influence others as a noble example.

VIRGO the Virgin: With their insight into facts and the logic of their analysis down to the smallest detail, this sign will be discovered pervading every field of science, more so in those devoted to healing.

LIBRA the Balance/Scales: These graceful, charming, and diplomatic types are innately drawn to positions with a social role to play and are ideally suited to public relations.

SCORPIO the Scorpion: If these types seem mysterious, they are, because life's mysteries are what turn them on. They function quite well in unusual places, from the "world's oldest profession" to funeral parlors.

SAGITTARIUS the Archer: Here are the natural philosophers of life and ideally formed for the educational system as either students or teachers.

CAPRICORN the Goat: These duty bound types were born to legislate and administer all things, from governments to corporations.

AQUARIUS the Water Carrier: This intuitive and communicative sign is ideal for functioning in mass media positions and are the best friends in the Zodiac.

PISCES the Fish: These types are so caught up in the transformations of life, they are the natural faith healers and witnesses to life's miracles.

Considering the fact individuals born under a particular sign can exhibit their features for an entire lifetime, it is important to note each sign's "month" is the optimum time, according to the heavens, for accomplishing particular tasks. Astrology is able to provide a calendar for optimum living on an annual cycle. As the 12 signs change around the 20th of each month, for the sake of simplicity to the following chart, we will designate each calendar month with the sign that dominates it for the majority of the time.

January (Capricorn): The month for administration conforms nicely to the calendar month in terms of end of the year financial/tax preparation.

February (Aquarius): A good time to develop friendships with Valentine's Day as an encouragement to stay warm.

March (Pisces): Turning attention upon one's inner life is an excellent antidote to the end of winter blues.

April (Aries): Time to start something new; spring cleaning, perhaps?

May (Taurus): Plenty of energy for work around the house and garden.

June (Gemini): A good month for business application before the end of the fiscal year.

July (Cancer): Nice time for a stay at home vacation with the family.

August (Leo): Vacations in this month had better be at a resort where that tan can be seen and admired.

September (Virgo): Great point to absorb and analyze lots of details, so we may as well go back to school, huh?

October (Libra): A very social month perfectly suited for gatherings and parties.

November (Scorpio): Now is the time for the hottest sex of the year!

December (Sagittarius): A month to philosophize about the lessons of the past year.

Familiarizing ourselves with the 12 signs in terms of how they influence both people and time give us the two main ways astrology is utilized to better our lives. The Zodiac wheel is a cosmic clock with many hands (one for each planet and the subjects of future articles) that point to perfect timing. When one is born, all the hands are set in a unique combination, and a natal horoscope will provide the individual with a lifetime's worth of data about how one's innate potential may be best realized. After one knows oneself, astrology can provide that equally invaluable information concerning when one's self-knowledge is best put to use for the betterment for others in the world.