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Woman Dreaming Psychology is inner reality. When beginning to walk a spiritual path, a constant attention to spiritual, or inner, reality is initiated. An awareness of inner reality develops and the realization of conscious evolution follows. It is very common for seekers initially upon a spiritual path to ask the question, "Is my consciousness evolving, and if so, where am I at in my spiritual development?"
There is no more natural guide to one's inner reality than dreams. Dreams are an innate psychic ability with which everyone is born. Dreaming is so automatic to our psyches it is the spiritual equivalent of a physical function such as breathing. It is as unnecessary to teach human beings to dream as it is to breathe. Spirit has provided us with a built-in tool to monitor our evolution of consciousness.
In using this spiritual tool to fullest effect, it is absolutely imperative to understand symbols. Symbols are the language of the dream world. When symbols are viewed as hiding their meanings, it is only the facile response of the spiritually lazy. Actually, symbols are a concise expression of a spiritual message once one attains the key for understanding symbols.
The key to understanding any and all symbols and their meanings is to realize what the essence or function of the symbol is, then the meaning is apparent. As an example, a common dream symbol is being in an automobile. What does an automobile symbolize? The answer is to be found through discerning what the essential function of the automobile is. An automobile is a personal vehicle giving one the means to move from any point A to any point B. Therefore, the automobile is a symbol of one's life directions. Of further significance would be the seating arrangements in the dream car. Is one a passenger with someone else, perhaps somebody one recognizes, driving? This would symbolize that someone else is in control of one's personal life's directions. If one dreams of being the driver, then it symbolizes one is in control of one's own destiny. Man Dreaming
When one is able to interpret one's own dreams, the entirety of one's inner life becomes clearly understood and there is no longer any mystery as to what Spirit is indicating as to where we are in our psychological evolution.