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How does one live a magical existence in today's modern world? As magic is the art of the supernatural, and supernatural means "greater than nature", then any life devoted to Spirit, which is greater than Nature, is a magical existence. So living life magically is synonymous with being and staying in touch with the higher forces of existence.

How does one be and stay in touch with higher forces? One way to do so is to be conversant in the language of the higher forces, the universal language of symbols. A symbol has the same meaning for a god as it does for an angel, the same meaning for our higher mind as it does for our subconscious. Through interpretation of symbols, we have the key for unlocking life's great mysteries.

An excellent way to begin to learn interpretation of symbols is through the use of Tarot cards. One of a small handful of divination tools with which each and every Spirit path walker invariably begins, the Tarot is the oldest documentation of symbols known to humanity. The Tarot has its origin in ancient Egypt and is known to us today as a deck of cards, although it began as a book for teaching symbolism. It is only in more relatively recent times that the Tarot has gained popularity as a means to foretell the future; first and foremost, it is a primer of symbols.

In choosing a Tarot, the utmost importance must be given to feeling comfortable with the deck's pictorial style; also, one has to begin to innately understand the story being told by the symbols. If there is an aversion to a particular deck, either because of the way it is drawn or because the symbols are totally incomprehensible, then it is not the one to study. A highly recommended first Tarot is the Waite-Ryder deck.

There are quite a few elaborate Tarot spreads one may do to divine the intent of Spirit in one's life, but the most sensible way for a beginner to start is to ask a question while opening the deck like a book and pulling the one card as the answer. If that answer seems incomplete or there is a follow up question, repeat the process again.

Besides studying or reading the Tarot, which is discerning magic at work in one's life, there is an additional was of using the cards as an active tool of magic. Cards may be placed in a magical place such as a personal altar as a sign for angels to bring into one's life the particular quality depicted.

With the key of Tarot, once one begins to unlock the secrets of Spirit's universal language of symbols, it becomes clear that all of life is a symbol. We exist within the Tarot of Spirit and call it the world and everything we have viewed as reality reveals a higher meaning known to higher forces, yet also knowable by us through our use of the Tarot.