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Spirit & Courage

How often, when faced with overwhelming difficulty, tasks that appear to be too monumental to accomplish, or a number of things concurrently going awry in our lives, do we simply "shut down" and turn away? At times, feeling overwhelmed by loss of those things that make up the cornerstones of our lives, be it our jobs, friends, homes, or loved ones, we experience hopelessness and feel powerless to even consider a new direction.

The sense of being deserted, in total despair, empty and abandoned, are natural ones in reaction to these situations and can be followed by anger and depression if we allow them to take over for more than this natural, initial period of time. A few minutes, hours, or days, spent allowing these feelings to flow in their rightful place, is a necessary step toward healing, or finding the strength to deal with any difficulty. Once the negative feelings are spent, the spillways over the dam are opened, allowing the universal action of Spirit to follow, as it inevitably will, bringing new strength, resolve, and the courage to take action and move on.

Spirit never deserts us, dwelling within at all times, good and bad, easy and hard, whether life is up or down. It is there in our compassionate response to others experiencing difficult times and is there for the self, also. Once the knowledge of this fact becomes internalized, the "knowing" we are never alone or without the force of Spirit surrounding all and deeply within us as the very fabric of our souls, we are never more than momentarily off balance with life.

Faith in Spirit will bring us safely through any situation life tosses our way, bringing the courage we need to clearly identify our difficulties, face them squarely, and to move on in the direction we are meant to as growing, learning, and becoming all that we can be. The flood of ideas we receive, awareness of new sources of reparation in our lives accompanies the movement of Spirit. It comes to us from every direction, if we are aware and recognize them.

Whatever tribulations we are facing, we can inwardly smile, at least a little, knowing Spirit is with us and will help us through the bumps and bruises with acceptance, making us ever stronger in our faith.