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CD Cover

Kayhan Kalhor

Scattering Stars Like Dust

The name of this album comes from Rumi's words, he says "We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust". In other words this music dissolves the self, making one realize we are all "one"; you do not create the music, it already exists. It is believed by some that sound was the first vibration, and by attuning oneself to these vibrations you become closer to the Eternal One. The pureness of the music on this recording is inspiring, so deep and rich in beauty with this master's touch. His playing is subtle and meticulous, but most of all his humility and devotion allows the music to pour out of the kemencheh. In this modern day, it is hard to come by such depth through music. This example comes from a tradition that is very old, and knows of the truth through the sounds of music.

This is Persian Classical music, played on the kemencheh (spike fiddle). The kemencheh is found from North Africa to China, and has many different shapes and names. The shape can be spherical or cylindrical, it has 4 strings tuned to 4ths or 5ths, and is bowed horizontally. Watching a master play this instrument is wonderful; he hits different strings with the bow, moving with fluid strokes, while he dances and rocks the instrument in circular shapes as he kneels on the floor.