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Journey of the White Stag

Across the mists of endless time I run
Past snowy fields of your deepest memories
Close your eyes and I'll be waiting
Keeper of the watch at the uncut stone's gateway.

Approach me slowly and with love in your heart
Fear not my large white antlers, milky fur and black hooves
Otherworldly animal messenger 
Playful spirit guide of Eternal Love
Dreams, hopes and a boy's innocent wonderment comprise my 

Now peer into my kind, childlike eyes
Gaze beyond twinkling stars within
Listen carefully to the wind's blissful laughter 
Joyfully rediscover your desired wish
Take back your once forgotten happy dream.

Henceforth, whenever you see a deer
Be it real or in dream's vision 
Pay it your silent admiration and respect
It could very well be another white stag
Possessing the magical gift of hope just for you.