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Spirit & Scents

It is an understanding that symbols take on many forms, and many symbols have been catalogued over the years. Animate and inanimate objects, numbers, sounds even colors have all had symbolic attributions attached which have assisted many upon their spiritual paths and growth experiences. It seems too often the power of SMELL is overlooked!

I realized this a few days ago, as I strolled to my work place, taking in all the sensations of Spring. Beltaine, as us Celt-types call it, was abounding it's fecundity in myriad formations all about me. Something about the smell caused a memory-tape to trigger, where I felt myself transported to a magical world of my past. This world was that of pure Scent-Energy and I drew from this source. It recharged me and made my footsteps bounce! Even if I was heading to my job.

The scent of burning leaves, or woodstoves can transport a person - so can the scents of fruit and flowers. The New Age market has dubbed this power "aromatherapy" for the ability of scent to relax muscles and reduce stress, amongst other medicinal benefits. This is all wonderful on the physical plane, but what about the causal sources within the realm of Spirit? Does Spirit acknowledge Scent as a viable tool in Self-Growth?

This of course has perplexed me over the last couple of days. I have noted that my own dreams rarely use scent in their symbolic memos to my Ego. I also noted that while many churches and ritual practitioners use incense, it seems to be the concept of the smoke that is symbolic, versus the smells the incense produces.

But yet, despite the seeming lack of acknowledgement of scent as having any Spiritual Growth value, I wonder about the automatic "trigger" mechanisms it can generate. The scent of cooking can trigger the hunger response, and many animals rely on this scent for navigation throughout their lives. My experience of the other day also caused me to recall previous experiences with my olfactory abilities. I use coconut shampoo to trigger the relaxation of tropical bliss that permeates my Self, and also use scented candles to do much the same - to aid in mediation and Pathwalking. Is it possible the Scent is purely a Root Chakra tool? Could it be purely a Pagan symbol?

It is true that scents are caused by tiny bits of matter traveling through our atmosphere, received by nose and tongue and translated to our brain. Color defies physical existence, as does sound. Is their anything to smell in Heaven? I do not know the answer to this, but for Heaven's sake, I hope so!