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Much of what we want to know often provides valuable information for others as well. The Spirit-21 team comprises several individuals with long years of experience amidst a vast array of topics in many areas of metaphysics (dreams, astrology, time cycles, Kaballah, etc.) and spiritual counseling. This question and answer section will provide a forum for sharing your questions generated either from articles read here or in your experience of living Spirit daily. We'll begin with some questions and answers that have recently been exchanged through our Spirit-Alembic website or individual counseling sessions. We invite you to send along your questions and look forward to connecting with you in this way.

Dear Ava,

My family practices no religion, and I feel I am missing something. Can you suggest something I can read or do to close this gap? I am 14 years old.


Dear Ashley,

There are many people nowadays who have chosen not to participate in "religion", because religion is founded on "belief". Many people find that "experience" rings more true than "belief" for them, and utilize their life experiences as a way to evolve through reflection, meditation and subsequent right action.

What I can recommend to you is a program of "living Spirit daily". Each of us has unique experiences based on our soul's purpose, through which we can grow and feel fulfilled. Look at your urges, feel from within what action is right for you, and then most importantly, look upon the effect your choices have upon your own inner strength and peace and joy as well as the effect it has upon other in your life. Do you like the effect? If not, do something different... take some other action until you are feeling well about its impact. That is living Spirit daily, forever becoming a better person. Associate with others whom you respect, and watch yourself become more like them. If you are intrigued by people who are different than you, read up on subjects such as Chinese Astrology, animal totems, enneagrams, that explain some of the different archetypes of being, remembering to perfect your own. The fact that you are interested in this subject shows that you are will on the path to "living Spirit daily".


Dear Olwe,

Hello, I just visited your web site and I am hoping you may be able to help me understand something about Kaballah. I am not of Jewish faith; originally brought up Catholic but left the catholic church at age 15. I am a spiritual person but do not practice any organized religion.

What I am trying to find out is if Kabllists believe in fate -- that things work out according to God's plan -- Do they believe as Jungians do in synchronicity -- that there are no coincidences in life -- that the person you run into at the copy shop by chance is the person who is meant to help you with a problem you have been wrestling with?

Recently, this happened to me. Without going into the whole story, I had been praying for a solution to a problem. This man I ran into the copy shop happened to be there at exactly the same time I was and he provided the solution through his friend-- a young woman-- who translates the Kaballah. It was strange the way everything fell into place as if according to a greater plan. However, I have had difficulty believing that anything could happen so easily and that it could be the answer.

Anyway, any information you can provide about the Kaballah and fate or syncronicity would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

D Craven


The Kaballah has some basic teachings, but in large part, it is up to the individual practitioner to receive (the Jewish verb "qabal" translates literally into English as "to receive") his/her knowledge through experience. Because it is such a personal mysticism, it is difficult to state how Kaballists, in general, view anything. This particular Kaballist can tell you it is likely most, if not all, Kaballists (as do most mystical paths) recognize synchronicity as how Spirit can "speak" to us; it is possible to have all of one's questions answered in this way. When an answer comes so easily, as in your case, it is because there is a significance to your soul's evolution; answers sought in concern for the ego do not come so readily.

As for destiny/fate, it does exist, yet it is not as "etched in stone" as is widely perceived. An individual's free will, the choice made in the present, does alter one's future. In your case, if you had not prayed for a solution to a problem, you would not have had your destined encounter.

Any further questions you may have are more than welcome.

Yours truly,


Dear Ava,

I am currently living with and taking care of my chronically ill stepfather in a small mobile home close to my son's house. We know dad's time is coming and my son's family have extended a welcome into their family when this happens. They lead very active lives, and I'm afraid that the pace of their household is too much for me, yet I don't want to live alone. I am a very peaceful quiet person and in my sixties. Do you have any suggestions in this regard?


Dear Alice,

There was a time in history when families expected one another to move in during transition times. The fact that you have doubts about your "peace" indicates that at this time in your life, such a move would be inappropriate, both for you and the "fast-paced" ones. That shows great awareness and honesty on your part. So often we feel that we must choose between two options, as in your case, between family, or living alone. However in reality, there are many other options. Recently, a dear friend, also your age (who had been married, raised a family and then lived alone for many years) called to say she was selling her house and moving out of state with another woman she met at a workshop. You could begin by fantasizing meeting someone who is in a similar situation such as yourself, who is very similar in spiritual nature. Then follow your urges, whatever they are, to attend a workshop or interest group and begin to meet those that share your interests. If you enjoy a particular genre of books, for example, you could initiate a book club for discussing that genre. Fantasies that are aligned with one's soul's urges often become a reality. It is the work of Spirit to bring together those who have something to share. All we have to do is formulate our ideas, and then trust and surrender that it will happen. May we hear from you again when everything falls into place!


Dear Olwe,

Would you help me interpret a dresm I had? I dreamed that there was no electricity in the house. I went to the basement, only to discover that the electrical junction box was not there. I then went through the passageway into the garage and felt there may have been an "intruder" present. What could this possibly mean?

Regards, Alan

Dear Alan,

Dreams, via their symbolic content, are a means by which our higher psychic functions communicate with our everyday conciousness, or in other words, our soul tells our mind what's really happening in our lives.

In this particular dream, you became aware of a lack of creative enthusiasm (electricity) in your home. You delved into your subconcious (basement) and discovcred a family member was not the source (the junction box was not there) for the lack of enthusiasm. You went to where your outer life directions (garage) are connected (passageway) and felt an unwanted visitor (intruder) was the source of the lack of enthusiasm.

In summary, you are sensitive to, and wish to prevent, unwanted visitors from draining creative enthusiasm from your personal space. If you know any people of the "draining" type, you are advising yourself not to invite them over.