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Spirit and Love

Can there be Spirit in love? Spiritual Masters from many places and times will tell you Spirit and love are two words with the same meaning. Love was and is the motive power that brought all things into being and sustains our existence through time. Love is the supreme experience we are able to attain. And all of our lives are entirely founded on this greatest state of consciousness.

How can we bring Spirit into our love? It is necessary to recognize there are three basic kinds of love: sexual, emotional and universal.

Emotional love is the kind you feel with the organ in your chest rather than in your pants, which is sexual love. Everyone "falls" in love because we recognize it as manifesting in the lower centers.

Tremendous influence is placed upon the first two kinds by our society, yet the third kind is underemphasized and undervalued.

Love of the third kind is an elevated love, coming not from the sexual organs or the heart, but existing as a higher knowledge worn like a crown. The associations of kingship with a great spiritual teacher such as the Christ takes on a deeper significance in this regard. His teaching was that we love one another, as the Heavenly Father loves us all, universally. He taught us to raise, rather than fall, in love.

How do we find love in Spirit? The simple fact we are allowed to exist is proof enough of Spirit's love for us. How may we pay back to Spirit its love for us? Through loving each other as the Spirit loves every one of us.

How do we love the way Spirit loves?

Unconditional love is a love given without seeking anything in return, a love with "no strings attached". So often, we love with conditions; we will not give love until we get love. Many of us wait for love while, ironically, we wonder why there is not more love in the world. The Spirit loves us into creation and lets us be; the Spirit does not nag us about loving It in return. If we imitate the Spirit, we will be the first to give love, with no expectations, and our feet will be firmly planted on the path of Spirit and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a reward in itself.