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Spirit and Parenting

Know yourself - Know your child - Be Love

Some people know they will be a parent. If you know this, if it is part of your very being, this article may be interesting to you.

No matter what your path in life, it is well to know yourself, to consciously dive into your own being, to contemplate who you are and to know the vibration of your own soul. This e-zine and the connected web site can help with knowing yourself and traveling a path to your own spiritual home. As a parent interested in spirit, you will be guiding your child in these matters, so it is well to know your child. To what is the child drawn? About what is he or she passionate? What does the child avoid? What are the gifts and the challenges in your child's life? As a parent, you are the closest and most intimate person in your child's life. Take the time and make the effort to know your child - not as an extension of yourself - but as an entirely complete and whole being unto themselves.

Most of all, love your child - again, as a separate and complete person. Open-handed love is hard; but if you are interested in your child's spirit, you must know that it cannot be contained. Kahlil Gibran said it so well in his book The Prophet:

	"Your children are not your children.  
	They are the sons and daughters of
	  Life's longing for itself.
	They come through you but not from you,
	And though they are with you yet
	  they belong not to you.
	You may give them your love
	  but not your thoughts,
	For they have their own thoughts.
	You may house their bodies but
	  not their souls,
	For their souls dwell in the
	  house of tomorrow, which you cannot
	  visit, not even in your dreams.
	You my strive to be like them,
	  but seek not to make them like you.
	For life goes not backward nor
	  tarries with yesterday.
	You are the bows from which your
	  children as living arrows are sent forth.
	The archer sees the mark upon
	  the path of the infinite, and He
	  bends you with His might
	  that His arrows may go swift and far.
	Let your bending in the
	  archer's hand be for gladness;
	For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
	  so He loves also the bow that is stable.

No one can do this alone. Parenting is a community effort. Allow family and friends to help you to know yourself and your child. Likewise, help your child to see him/herself through the eyes of others who will also nurture and sustain him or her.

It is my pleasure as a mother and teacher of young children to invite you into a conversation about spirit and parenting. On life's journey, the most wonderful gift is to share and relate one's understanding and one's self to others.