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Spirit and Psychology

What does psychology have to do with Spirit? Everything. The word psychology comes from the Greek words psyche meaning soul and logos meaning to speak, so psychology is literally to speak about the soul. So we can't help being spiritual when we take psychology into account.

The popular conception of psychology as addressing issues of the mind is due to a science originating with Freud and developed during the 20th century. This school of thought emphasized the mind as the core of being so as to differentiate itself from the soul concerns of religion. In many ways, psychology is now the religion of the mind.

What is to be done for the millions of people who have turned away from organized religions and yet do not have their spiritual needs met by the dry, mental science of modern psychology? We must realize the mind is not a source unto itself; it is a conduit or medium though which the soul expresses itself. We have to stop placing the mind as the highest expression of human development and replace it with the soul. The soul drives the mind, otherwise the mind will drive itself and it is well known the mind can only drive itself crazy.

If we are to maintain our sanity, it is necessary for us to emphasize the psyche of psychology and remember psyche is the soul.