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On October 21, 1999, our dearest Brother Khiron ascended to the higher planes.

This first issue of Spirit-21 is dedicated to him.

Khiron was a human being of the highest order. In 51 years, he gave the supreme effort in realizing his full potential. Throughout his life, he worked ceaselessly at putting into a complete whole the spiritual teachings from the entire history of the world. The knowledge gained from his life's path was not for himself alone, but for the benefit to others, his "bothers and sisters".

His departure is a loss to those who had the good fortune to know him personally. His physical presence will be missed. Yet, there is solace in the knowledge he is now existing purely in the realms, to which he devoted his consciousness while on Earth, and is in a position, as he would have it, to help all of his fellow humans with the greatest effectiveness.

To honor the dearly departed soul, we perpetuate his spiritual legacy in order to validate the purpose of his existence: sharing with friends. In his memory, an entity has been created and named Spirit-21, its purpose to carry the torch of enlightenment passed from him to us. The Great Work continues, the Spirit is alive.

Olwe, on behalf of the Spirit-21 Team


Beloved brother of sound, how grateful we are for the songs you sang, of ancient rhythms that called us to your side.

To your side, where we got to know the brother of light, who illuminated our lives with a presence of clarity, that awakened in us, our own.

Brother of truth, whose honesty let in the light that led to a deeper, richer, higher love, not based on need, but rather mutual service to the Spirit, and delight in that; know these tears are tears of joy that thank you.

You fly now, while we walk the ground, richer and stronger for our time with you. You left us your tools for living Spirit daily and in our gratefulness we will continue to build with friends, the living of Spirit daily until it is time for us to fly too.


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