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Spirit and Sport

How many times do we hear Spirit being linked to sport. Anytime we watch sports on TV, we hear the commentators talking about this or that player being the spirit of the team or playing with Spirit. What do they really mean by that?

Are they talking about the same Spirit?

Sure, Spirit is everywhere.

We can say that an individual playing with Spirit is one that is inspired by playing his sport. He is fulfilling his purpose in life.

How many of them acknowledge the fact that they are serving God in practicing their sport? It is true and that simple.

About the spirit of the team, think about a player who in his way is an inspiration to his teammates. He brings inspirational enthusiasm to the others.

We, at Spirit-21, relate to that in practicing Beaver Medicine.

Beaver Medicine is linked to group mind.

In building a dream, teamwork is necessary.

Each player respects the talents and abilities of the others and knows which piece of the puzzle belongs to whom. In working together, unity ensues.

The New York Yankees have certainly practiced Beaver Medicine lately, especially in the last two years.

Share with us who you feel is practicing Beaver Medicine.